Is the commercial area near melkendorf off the table?

The plans for the commercial area near melkendorf have disappeared into a drawer? It was four years ago that the project was heavily criticized at a town hall meeting, and the city of kulmbach subsequently reduced the area under consideration to 1,300,000 square meters. Since then, it has been quiet about a project that mayor henry schramm (CSU) had described at the time as indispensable for the development of kulmbach.

This was the timetable

At the time, the municipality had the intention of offering companies willing to settle here buildable areas after the completion of the melkendorf bypass. Traffic has been flowing there since the end of last year – but nothing has been done in terms of development or business settlement.

What is the current status??

What is the current status of the plans? The land owners, with whom the city had to negotiate, obviously do not know that. They are waiting for the things to come? Or maybe there is nothing more to come?

Referee group celebrates 50. Anniversary

The steigerwald referee group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The group was founded on 16. January 1967 in the inn seubert in steppach. First "chairman was richard mahr (prolsdorf). Together with the first treasurer manfred brodmerkel (steppach) and the first instructor of the group, erwin storath (prolsdorf), the new group started its referee activities in the district of steigerwald and in the district of upper franconia. Since that time, 900 arbitrators have been active in the steigerwald group at the district, county and association levels.
In the past 50 years, referees from the steigerwald group have refereed association, friendly and private matches as well as indoor tournaments, from the regional league to the D-youth level.

Man of the first hour

As a "man of the first hour georg ansorge was presented with the gold medal of the BFV for 50 years of refereeing. Ansorge is still a passive member of the schiedsrichtergruppe steigerwald today.
40 years in the group steigerwald and honored with the silver medal by the association and both still active referees are willi schafer and karl gumbrecht.
The changes in the game of soccer over the past decades have not left the referee institution unscathed. Today's requirements differ considerably from those of 50 years ago: faster, trickier, higher competitive pressure – combined with considerably more games per year with fewer and fewer active referees. Thus, 69 active referees of the steigerwald group have led in 2016 more than 2100 football games as a referee and assistant in the district steigerwald / district of upper franconia and at the association level. Weekend after weekend, these 69 referees from the steigerwald group are on the pitch, out of "love for soccer", to carry out this honorary office. Also in 2017 the referee group steigerwald will be active again with much enthusiasm in the 51. Year of the existence of the group start.
Refereeing is a fascinating hobby, maybe someone would like to join the steigerwaldgroup and become an active referee. Interested parties can simply contact us, regardless of whether they are a youth or a football player who has just finished his active career. "We are looking forward to any new sports comrade who would like to experience fubball in the middle and not only on the sidelines", according to the invitation.
Uwe storch, matthias rauh

District hospital st. Anna doubles deficit

The fact that the district hospital st. Anna has once again made a loss is not really surprising. For years, the deficit has hovered around 500 million euros.000 euro mark. For a relatively small, municipal hospital whose goal is to provide basic health care, this is not unusual. In the last year, however, reveals the annual report presented tuesday to the hospital committee of the county council, has increased in st. Anna increases the deficit to 1.2 million euros. This corresponds to a doubling of the loss within one year.

Where other managers are in a state of anxiety, albert prickarz, head of administration at the hospital, remains comparatively relaxed. That may be because st. Anna is not dependent on a bank loan. The hospital is financed by the county. Relief from the district council is almost certain. But prickarz's peace of mind comes mainly from knowing the cause, which he believes was only temporary.

"The high deficit is due to the "surgery dent", says prickarz, referring to a sharp drop in surgical cases, which at the same time means a slump in revenue resulting from billing the health insurance companies. There had been about 140 surgeries too few, resulting in a hole of about 600.000 euros in the profit and loss account.

Too few wastewater fees had been charged in previous years. This has accumulated a shortfall of almost 600,000 euros. "This shortfall must be made up in the next four years. After that, you could go back down again with the fees, said simon kohl from the schulte – roder office.

When does the burger have to pay?

The reason for his presence at the city council meeting was the sewage fees, which had already been on the council’s table in august. But when the committee had the sharp increase in fees from 1.33 to 3.68 euros, the modalities were in doubt. The item was postponed.

"Since we want to be correct, we have sought professional advice", declared mayor hans-jurgen nekolla (SPD). And that was a good thing, because even the calculated contribution of 3.68 euros per cubic meter of wastewater could be wrong if it turned out that 2011 was in fact the last calculation adopted. This will now be clarified.

Corona crisis: karliczek strains against opening up bafog

Ahead of this wednesday’s coalition committee meeting, federal education minister anja karliczek (CDU) stands by her rejection of opening the bafog because of the corona crisis.

This is about students who actually have no bafog claim, but lose their part-time job and get financially in need. "What we don’t need at the moment is to go into a lengthy legislative process," karliczek told deutschlandfunk radio on wednesday. Currently "in good discussions" for fast transfer possibilities. "I think that this week will be something now."Karliczek had repeatedly announced that she wanted to provide interest-free loans for students instead of opening up the bafog.

However, the SPD and the opposition – above the afd – are insisting on an opening. Loosening is also required for the maximum duration of demands. It is high time that the federal government supports students "with an unbureaucratic immediate aid from a study fund", demanded the vice-chairman of the union for education and science, andreas keller, on wednesday. "The funds should remain as a grant that does not have to be repaid."

victory in the snow waltz: tkv defeats neuses

The infranken-kick from the A-class 2 between the forchheim cultural club TKV and the DJK-SC neuses defied the weather conditions and took place. The back of the field on the sports island presented itself despite bumpy run and somewhat smaller ausmabe fit.

TKV forchheim – DJK-SC neuses 3:0
even if some had wished it differently: referee harald umberath from TSG bamberg decided after the inspection of the pitch that the pitch was playable. The continuous rain changed at the kickoff into a mixture of coarse raindrops and snowflakes, so that only seven spectators were present at the landing.

Cihan akcay tried it on the slippery surface from a distance, keeper markus vollmayer made a fist save to the right. But there stood orcun hantal and netted for the 1:0 lead (7).). Hantal almost added the second goal shortly after, but his lob was headed away on the line. Neuses fought back, after a combination of christian gotz and markus werner came frank scheidel in the middle to the leather, which he laid on florian wirth. This just missed (21.).

Iaea team leaves iran empty-handed

Chief inspector herman nackaerts, as head of the team, told journalists at the return at vienna airport. He would not comment on the question of whether the mission had failed. In tehran, ayatollah ali chamenei stressed that nothing and no one could stop his country’s nuclear program.

"Nothing, and no hurdle, can stop iran’s nuclear work and it should be pursued decisively and seriously, despite the west’s vortex," said chamenei, spiritual leader of iran, in a meeting with representatives of the iranian nuclear authority on wednesday. At the same time, he stressed that iran was not interested in nuclear weapons. A nuclear weapons program is "against our faith … We consider nuclear weapons a gross sin," the iranian spiritual leader added. The international community knows this, khamenei said.

It was the second trip by nuclear watchdog representatives in a few weeks without any result. For the time being, no further roadmap for future language is available. "At this time there is no agreement on further discussions," IAEA spokeswoman gill tudor told the news agency dpa. Nackaerts also stated that no agreement had been reached on future avenues of resolution.

Unpopular 1- and 2-cent coins remain with us

Despite cashless payment options, the euro countries want to continue to put euro coins into circulation on a large scale in 2019. The 19 states of the common economic space want to produce money in a total volume of 2.1 billion euros (previous year: 2.2 billion).

Of these, around 488 million euros are collector’s coins, as the approval of the european central bank (ECB) shows. Germany again wants to produce the most money. The volume in europe’s large economy amounts to 632 million euros, of which 231 million euros are for collectors.

The ECB sets an annual upper limit for the total volume of coins based on the needs reported by the euro countries. Within this framework, the countries will then be able to issue the coins.

In september 2021, the contract between herzo bader- und verkehrs-gmbh and the koch bus company, which currently operates the herzobuses as a subcontractor, will end. Due to EU legal framework conditions, the operating service for the herzobus for the period from october 2021 must be put out to tender in advance on a europe-wide basis.

This is announced by the city and at the same time invites to an information event for the citizens of burgenland. The planning committee was only recently informed about the possible changes.

Since a change in the tendered operating performance is only possible to a limited extent during the ten-year contract period with the bus company, the tendered timetable concept should take into account as far as possible all current and future requirements for the herzobuses.

When the mother with the son...

"Scho, as ever – and yet alone" – every year the whole of steinberg looks forward to the appearance of wunderhub's "trulla" at the two "buttenabende" evenings, where she always goes on a man-watching spree – just as unmannerly as unsuccessful. At the visual stimuli and the tasteful outfit of the "eye candy" it certainly could not be that the "madness in small format" usually goes away empty-handed. One reason could be their not quite everyday demands on their "94 – 60 – 42"-dream man: "94 years, 60 million euros in the account and with 42 degrees fever in bed!" Silke mattes has been on the carnival stage with a few interruptions for a good 20 years – sometimes with partners, but mostly alone. Undoubtedly her parade role is the naive and simple-minded "trulla" or "tusnelda", the gehorig about the world of the man. She has been known to throw side blows like "a man is like a jewel, only to be worn with composure" and "marriage is like wine: you realize too late what you've chosen" still among the more harmless.
Silke mattes began her active carnival career in 1998, when she hosted the old wives' carnival in wilhelmsthal. She also often took part in the gypsy carnival. She has a special connection to wilhelmsthal because her mother came from the village.
For many years now it has been an integral part of the "staaberche fousanocht". She has a template for the butter speech of her permanent burner, which she adapts a little to the local conditions. She rehearses the text everywhere: while driving, while doing housework – wherever she happens to be. "Test audience" is her son andre.
"As a butter speaker you are a "lone fighter, says silke mattes, who – she admits – is still very excited before every performance after so long. "In the booths, all the actors reassure each other that "it will all go wrong", betrays the 45-year-old. However, her limelight fever gets the better of her after the first few sentences and the first laughs in the audience.

Andre with a lot of "life experience

Last year, she appeared in another sketch in addition to her starring role. She and andre played the role of "father and daughter" – she the father, he the daughter. The sketch was, in a way, the introduction for others to some more rough performances, after he had already participated in smaller performances of the altar boys group in the previous years.
This year, the 19-year-old is taking the plunge for the first time in a "buttenrede". "It is about the meaning of life. There are a lot of numbers that make a mockery of our modern way of life", he already makes curious. Nothing more is revealed – only that he appears as an old grandfather with a lot of life experience. The idea came to him by a friend who had seen the video on the internet. He was immediately taken with it and "translated" it it, after in the video a swiss held the buttenrede, into french.