Coburg’s buses are at a standstill again

Coburg's buses are at a standstill again

For today, tuesday, the trade union verdi has called on all bus drivers of suc bus and aquaria to strike: both those who are paid according to the collective agreement of private bus companies and those who are subject to the collective agreement of public employers (TVN). Verdi wants to negotiate both collective agreements. But there hasn’t even been a meeting with the state association of bavarian bus companies (LBO) yet. In coburg, however, it is not only about more money for the bus drivers, but about all being paid uniformly according to the TVN, as the union announced. The suc bus and aquaria reacted to the renewed strike announcement in the same way as during the previous strike days on 9. September and last friday: all buses remain in depot. "Emergency operation cannot take place due to lack of personnel under corona conditions. The suc has full sympathy for angry passengers and parents of the bus demanded schools, who are the sufferers of the strike picketing", the company announced.

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