Demolition of reitsch creates space for fire department

demolition of reitsch creates space for fire department

The demolition of the house "dorfstrabe 19" took place these days in reitsch instead. The municipality of stockheim had acquired the former privately owned and for some time unoccupied rental building, which was also to be demolished by the former owner, in the summer of 2018. At the same time, a free area could be created directly next to the existing fire station, in order to be able to create a vehicle hall and parking spaces for the reitsch fire department.

Demolition is demanded by the "forderoffensive nordostbayern oberfranken. The land acquisition cost 31700 euros and the demolition costs amount to about 63 000 euros. For the demolition costs the grant is 90 percent on the full amount and for the land acquisition there is a grant of 90 percent on 23,000 euros.

Vacant since 2014

The last owner of the building, hans cornelius volk, informed on inquiry that the building was acquired by inheritance from his mother, who was employed here in 1928 in a bakery located in the house. After the second world war refugees were accommodated in the house. In the year 1956 a dwelling change took place. Until 2014, the house was still inhabited and had been vacant since 2014.

A purchase agreement was concluded with the municipality of stockheim in 2018. On 17. In september, the company reuther, wallenfels, began the demolition of the building, which has been completed for a few days now. In the coming year the planning and the new construction of a vehicle hall for the fire department reitsch is to be started.

In reitsch, another building that has been vacant for a long time, dorfplatz 3, was demolished. This house was purchased by the community in 2016. It formerly housed a village blacksmith shop. Also this demolition is to be demanded by the demand offensive northeast bavaria upper franconia with 90 per cent subsidy. The total cost was around 28,000 euros. It could be however that the land acquisition costs of approximately 8700 euro are not demanded, communicates business manager rainer fortsch. In the course of the village renewal of reitsch, a playground and a herb and educational garden are to be created at this location, which will be cared for and maintained by the students of the reitsch school.

The entire simple village renewal reitsch (EDE) is divided into three projectants: engineering office HTS- plan gmbh, kronach with the bridge culverts and canal construction works, architecture office lauer& lebok, lichtenfels, with the village renewal and ingenieurburo kohler, bad steben, with the ecological water development, working on the plans of the EDE. The total cost is 1.8 million euros with 65 percent expected claim on the EDE and 70 percent grant on water expansion.

Currently, the application for early acceptance with the bridge passages to be able to carry out the tender is in progress.

The people of reitsch had to wait a long time for something to happen in the village, but now something will gradually be done to improve the appearance of the village, said mayor rainer detsch in an interview on site. If something is delayed, it is because the municipality just wanted to exhaust all sources of money.

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