Fit for the 2021 olympics: between a new beginning and the end of a dream

Fit for the 2021 olympics: between a new beginning and the end of a dream

But only training. Again. Alone, no spectators, no cheering, no medals, only drudgery. Day by day for the rough day.

Fur olympia, the longing goal of almost all athletes. From saturday they wanted to compete for gold, silver or bronze in tokyo. Being there when the best of the best compete. Only training instead.

For some, it is "incredibly hard to be able to develop and call up the great level that they have trained for, especially in endurance sports, again in the following year," emphasizes ulf tippelt, head of the institute for applied training science in leipzig.

The problem is also what olympia is all about. Successes under the sign of the rings make some athletes superstars, sometimes unforgettable and also rich. It’s the place of longing that many athletes reach only once in their career.

It’s the world’s biggest sporting spectacle – but in summer and winter it only takes place every four years. It is not only the training that is meticulously coordinated to ensure that maximum performance can be called up on day X. Many athletes’ life plans are also determined by the olympic cycle.

"You have to imagine that your whole life is focused on one goal," says field hockey captain tobias hauke, for whom the 2020 olympics were to be the final event of his career. The field hockey aces are always in the spotlight, especially during the olympics. They are also known for their celebratory qualities.

"It was all designed to end the summer of 2020 with a huge party," said the 32-year-old hamburger in an interview with the sky sport channel. But he wants to keep the option open for the games next summer. But it also means: another long preparation, another lot of training in addition to work and family life.

"I had actually started my career at the 5. August 2020," wrestler frank stabler told "sport bild": "i had planned my whole life around it. But fate wanted a change," said the 31-year-old three-time world champion, who is facing another challenge. He has to get from the cut weight class to 75 kilo to 67 kilo by tokyo. "It’s a torture, because i hardly have any body fat ? And it gets harder the older i get." Was he in the least bit doubtful about olympics next year, he wasn’t going to stick it out.

"I can also understand it when people say they don’t want to do it this year," said the captain of the german water polo team, julian real. They still have to qualify. "And if someone now says, my police training or my traineeship starts now, i won’t let it drag on for another year, then i can definitely understand that," says the 30-year-old native of oberhausen from waspo 98 hannover in a dpa interview.

They all had to think about what would happen after the sport, says real. "Especially in sports like water polo or other supposedly marginal sports."No one wants to think about what would happen if the olympics were not held in 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic and the games were completely canceled. "In the end, you would have disappeared from the picture for eight years," emphasized real.

It’s difficult to achieve high performance as a competitive athlete if the goal isn’t there, stresses gymnastics medal hopeful elisabeth seitz. It has also happened to her that she has lost a bit of that fighting spirit, the 26-year-old recalls in another sky-sport article about the training of the past weeks.

On the other hand, there are athletes who have struggled with injuries and are now able to heal them. Like decathlon world champion niklas kaul, who had to cut short his season. Since 2017, he has had an injury to the elbow of the worm. He loves to operate.

At the end of august kaul womoglich would have competed in the german all-around championships in vaterstetten. Instead, the day after the operation, he turned his attention back to the olympics. After rehab, it’s training, training, training for the 22-year-old king of athletes.

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