For one school day, everything revolved around apples

For one school day, everything revolved around apples

On the last day of school before the autumn vacations, it was all about the crunchy, round vitamin bomb. The students at the marktleugast school experienced just how versatile an apple is in various workshops and during free play in the auditorium.

Apple juice pressed

Apples were freshly squeezed and the juice drunk immediately, it was made into a delicious soup together with kurbissen and shuffled with relish. It could be enjoyed as applesauce in a waffle cup or dipped in chocolate on a spit. In addition, the children learned how this fruit develops from blood to fruit and explored with the song "in my little apple" its structure. They were also allowed to experiment: using the apple battery, they made a light-emitting diode glow.

Apple trail

In addition, the participants had to complete a challenging course with an apple on a spoon. Towers were also allowed to be built with it. A treasure chest of how many apples were in it rounded off the activities.

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