Jan raber hits best, helmut schweikl tricks best

Jan raber hits best, helmut schweikl tricks best

A 96.3-piece placed jan raber ahead of his friend and current first knight fabian engelhardt, who shot a 99.0-piece. "Were held the discs side by side", jan laughs "the difference would probably not be visible to the naked eye".

Nevertheless, he was naturally pleased on saturday at the king proclamation celebration in the guard house uehlfeld. He has also succeeded in repeating his success of the previous year.

Fabian is this year already for the third time in a row second place and thus first knight. "It’s a pity it’s not like trophies. You can keep it" he joked. Third best and so second knight was vanessa ozanic with a 374,6-divider.

Things were not so tight with the adults. Wolfgang robner won the king’s title with a 255.2 part score. Followed by waltraud schneider (430,3-part) and gunther schramm (657,3-part).

In addition to the new "sovereigns many more trophies were shot. As a small speciality there was the "poor sow cup". Sole owner here is helmut schweikl. Through his son florian, he came to the sport of protection, but florian always pushes a trophy away from his nose. Therefore, the father decided to help himself: he bought this cup and loved to engrave it accordingly. With this initiative, he managed for several years to sneak into the official winner’s photo of all winners. Somehow nobody noticed. Only recently it was noticed – by whom, is concealed – that the names of the winners list did not correspond with the number of the persons depicted. It was one too many and so the little swindle was discovered. The guards took it with humor. Helmut is their youth coach and is highly regarded by young and old alike. He may of course keep his self-awarded trophy – whether he will be allowed to appear in the photo in the future was not known.

In any case, everyone celebrated together on saturday in the best mood for a royal party. Musical entertainment was provided by the band drei-franken-eck from burghaslach. The next social event at the schutzenhaus is the terrace wine festival on saturday, 4. August, from 7 pm.

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