Justice: no investigations against audi chief stadler

justice: no investigations against audi chief stadler

The munich public prosecutor’s office still has no reasonable suspicion against audi boss rupert stadler in the diesel affair.

"Among the accused are no current or former board members," said prosecutor karin jung. The defenders of audi engine developer P, who has been in custody under investigation for seven weeks now. Said that according to the prosecution, P. Fooled its superiors.

P. Was one of the leading engine developers at volkswagen subsidiary audi in neckarsulm from 2006 to 2015. U.S. Justice accuses P. Alleged that he had "instructed audi employees to develop and install software to substitute the standard U.S. Emissions tests". Munich judiciary suspects P. Of fraud.

His defenders walter lechner and klaus schroth emphasized on monday that their client is the only one to testify comprehensively. "P. Is a subdivision head. The investigating prosecutor is of the opinion that P. Used his superiors as bona fide tools. That they should have known nothing about it, however, is unthinkable and contradicts every life experience," said lechner.

P. I have handed over a thick folder of documents to the public prosecutor’s office, "everything is in there," said the lawyer. P. Has also drawn up a chronicle showing "who knew and decided what and when. P. And his superior mr. W. Have frequently pointed out that U.S. Laws are being violated and that they reject this."

According to the "suddeutscher zeitung" (monday), NDR and WDR, the former engine developer is said to have testified that stadler and the board of management were informed in 2010 and 2012 about the problem with the adblue purification of diesel exhaust gases. Stadler, however, had repeatedly emphasized that he had known nothing about manipulated emissions measurements. An audi spokesman in ingolstadt did not want to comment further on monday, referring to ongoing proceedings.

The public prosecutor said that there are still no criminal investigations against audi board members – but that there are proceedings for a fine against unnamed board members for possible breach of duty of supervision. P. "Makes statements. We do not comment on the content and how it should be evaluated."

Uber a liability complaint by P.S lawyers expect a decision from the district court this or next week. Until then, a decision by the higher regional court on the application by the u.S. Judiciary is also expected, P. To be taken into extradition custody, as the spokesman for the munich public prosecutor said.

The munich district court had based its arrest order on the risk of absconding. P.S lawyers said their client returned to his apartment in karlsruhe from italy with full knowledge of the charges and, after his arrest on 3. July indicated full cooperation and willingness to testify from the outset.

Audi had P. Suspended in 2015 and terminated without notice half a year ago. Uber P.S action against this will be heard by the heilbronn labor court on 26. September negotiation, his lawyers said.

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