Leihraders return to coburg?

Leihraders return to coburg?

London, paris, berlin – every rough city has them, and in great quantities: the leihrader. Coburg also had ten of them, provided by a company called nextbike. But at the end of 2010, after no one was interested in putting their advertising on the bikes and thus helping to finance them, the company ended the service in october 2012.

Too few bikes and stations
"The few wheels that existed in coburg were simply not enough for a comprehensive system, explains mareike rauchhaus, press spokeswoman for the company. Only with significantly more than ten bicycles did both nextbike and the consumers have an actual benefit. In coburg, the four stations in the city center were also located very close to each other. Furthermore, the company had not received any advertising customers who wanted to co-finance the project, and the bicycles were too seldom in use. Nextbike bicycles are present in austria, switzerland, latvia, poland and new zealand. Although the company has expanded in recent years, this is not the reason for the cessation of operations in coburg, but rather the opposite is the case; it is precisely because nextbike has been so successful in other cities that it has been able to "hold on to coburg for so long". Currently, there are nextbike stations in about 80 cities.

No advertisers
"I have been looking for cooperation partners for the project for a long time, but in vain", says axel pilz of the "radladen" at thuringer-kreuz, who has taken care of the maintenance of the rental bikes in the past years. In the near future, however, the city will discuss the reintroduction of bicycles for rent, he said.
Marita nehring, local transport officer, explains that there are still occasional requests for rental bikes. "But it still has to be discussed internally whether something like this will be set up in coburg again," she says, she explains.

Interest of tourists exists
Michael amthor, head of tourism in coburg, sees potential for this. "Here in coburg there are many bicycles on the road." Together with the adfc or a local bicycle dealer, something like this could be set up again. In addition, the tourism office received many requests for rental bikes.
Nextbike rental bikes were offered for the first time in may 2009. By cell phone you could get the code for the combination lock of a bike and start cycling from one of the stations. After use – again via cell phone – you could pay and leave the bike later at one of the stations. In the first two years, the bicycles carried advertisements of the city of coburg. 

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