Not born for the household

not born for the household

Exactly eleven years after their last "aunts"-performance (with heidi friedrich) by annette grabiger at the premiere of her first solo program "why always me?" Impressively proved that she has not forgotten anything at all on the stage boards.

On the contrary: the 100-minute performance of "annette von bamberg" (directed by her husband mac harder) in the jazzkeller was rich in tempo, wit, spontaneity and acting talent. What mishaps, embarrassments and "everyday catastrophes" she has experienced on the one hand refreshed self-experienced suffering in the audience, on the other hand one wished for the mishap "pipe blockage including the brown disgusting chest" not even to his (dead) enemy.

Pure cabaret
There are certainly not too many female cabaret artists in the german cabaret scene, who – with the exception of a chair – without any props, without dancing or singing or without any other artistic equipment. In her solo, annette grabiger relied fully on the story and the appropriate transitions from the domestic "clogging catastrophe to everyday artist's misfortune, a retrospective of her "pocket queen-performances in children's theater up to well-known cliches that certain job descriptions such as teachers ("female everything, knows everything, doesn't hoard"), butcher's shop assistants ("with a sausage figure") and urologists ("they don't give a damn about patients") give away.

The entertainment during the fast-paced scene changes and the sovereign appearance of the comedienne, who did not choose a day on which everything "flows", was outstanding and the everyday "to-do-list" but an eventful weekend that ends with a defective light bulb, a botched reading action on the clogged toilet and a "yellow-phobia" thus a lot of "negative energy" begins. Simply "messed up" in the truest sense of the word! Anger, despair, the work with the toilet-stopper, a first self-attempt, the (unfahige) "pipe-cleaning-savior – disaster takes its course.

That the (virtual) cash dispenser, despite loud scolding ("give out my card, you dirtbag!") neither the plastic nor the money spits out, completes the chaos. Totally unsure, but convincing, she put forward the theory that "a vietnamese must be sitting in it and filming me as well". Pure frustration!

The premiere audience held its breath as the "baroness" described how she – according to her self-assessment "not born for the household" – in the "jungle of cakes and jungles" went to a chair and was subjected to a "mission impossible" and thus a lot of exposed. The chair tilted – and grabiger flew skillfully: "my personal skyfall!"

She was even more freaked out when she described how she had to deal with the color yellow, which she cursed, in the "mensch argere dich nicht" (don't get angry) game kicked out" again and again by her children, then sent to the room ("mama, you still have to learn how to lose") and threatened with therapy. The "yellow-phobia could also have been the reason for the "dilemma of a female urine sample" is not to be surpassed in complexity. Even the usual "check-ups they were terribly upset: "let's have a look at your skin cancer! Meanwhile, "the broth already stank everywhere", even all the suction actions only made the situation worse.

Of course, there was no shortage of positive encouragement in the face of this dreariness: she vigorously asserted herself in the mannerly world of the metal construction trade, using the example of a cell phone to illustrate that "not everything was better in the old days", swarmed of networking events at ikea and the rather nice vacation poetry with her husband ("pearl of the south") – "sultan suleyman, the magnificent") as well as a "carpet-laying congress" in the blue mosque in istanbul.

The male gender got off quite well despite some biting side blows, but had to really tremble once when "annette von bamberg" was killed wanted to inspect male trouser pockets. Breathe a sigh of relief when they left it at the theory, despite the announcement that there would be "a humid biotope where urine and nasal secretions dance tango! It's an ideal party place for millions of viruses and bacteria".

For those who want to experience this accumulation of misfortunes as a story: the next solo evenings of "annette von bamberg" are on the 14. December and the 19. January 2013 at the jazzkeller.

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