Partner of the festival kissinger sommer

Partner of the festival kissinger sommer

"Upper franconia and lower franconia mingle. Take the opportunity to introduce yourselves to each other", called walter schweinsberg. The spokesman for the management of the upper franconia media group – and thus also of the saale newspaper – had invited guests to the reception after the "master concert" asked. And they came: customers and business partners from the entire circulation area between bayreuth and wildflecken, as well as representatives from politics, business, churches and culture.

"We have just experienced a wonderful concert. I am still very touched", said schweinsberg. He buried especially jiri belolahvek, magdalena mullerperth, alban gerhardt and kari kahl-wolfsjager , to whom he presented gifts.

"One of our company values is a love of our homeland. As a regional media house, we have close ties with franconia. The success of our company depends to a large extent on the understanding of the regions, the people, their cultures, their strengths, their weaknesses, their idiosyncrasies", schweinsberg said: "we are proud to be active in this region and to be able to set impulses."

To the homeland solidarity comes the courage: "we face the change of the media courageously. But sometimes we overshoot the mark in the process. Our customers from bad kissingen and the surrounding area know what i mean", said schweinsberg self-critically. But the MGO is also brave enough to correct mistakes: "franconia is not just franconia. It always takes some time to understand the sub-regional peculiarities. Today, after three and a half years, we have arrived. He looks forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship with you, the customers of the saale-zeitung and the oberfranken media group."

Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) – a former bamberg resident who only came to bad kissingen because of his wife – was pleased to be able to take a strong partner in the upper franconia media group on board the kissinger sommer. It is not the first cooperation of the city with the MGO, which already calls for the tent theater week and the musikikantenfruhling.

The buffet could be opened, upper and lower franconia could mingle. It was late before the lights went out in the weiben hall.

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