Police search for tunnel gangster with photo of innocent man

police search for tunnel gangster with photo of innocent man

"In the meantime, it is clear that this passport photo was copied from the internet," police said on wednesday. There is no connection between the man from wuppertal and the crime in berlin: "there is only a coincidental similarity between him and the tenant of the garage."

First on tuesday, other witnesses had come forward and pointed to the innocence of the man, a police spokeswoman said. "In the night the man then called himself, and the matter was cleared up." He was very surprised.

The gang of burglars had used his photo for a fake dutch identity card and rented a parking space in an underground car park with it in february 2012. According to the "bild" newspaper, the picture comes from a profile on the social network facebook.

A police spokeswoman said the picture search, which was approved by a judge, was not a mistake. "The commissioner’s office in charge of the case used all possible means to identify the man pictured in the photo before it was published."Only then did the police release the photo and now successfully clarify the identity.

With common internet search engines, individual photos can be compared with other photos on the net. However, pictures on facebook profiles or other personal pages cannot normally be accessed in this way. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether a photo was copied there.

From the underground car park, the perpetrators had dug a 45-meter tunnel in berlin-steglitz that led to the vault of the volksbank. There, they broke out in the night of march 14. On january 1, 309 apartment buildings were found, 294 of which were rented out. One of the perpetrators had also rented a schliebfach there to explore the space.

The "tunnel" task force has received around 240 tips in the meantime. The evaluation of all traces and clues will still take a while, it said.

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