Political fatigue is a thing of the past

Political fatigue is a thing of the past

A total of 80 students from 15 schools came to this year's district youth conference at the catholic community center in bubenreuth on tuesday. Dealing with "fake news was on the agenda – and interest was correspondingly high, according to a press release from the district administration office. "Young people have clearly refuted the stereotype that young people are not interested in politics. There were many critical questions and lively discussions", reports helge hoppner from the municipal youth work of the district.

Discussion about islam

The schools use the conference not only to exchange ideas among themselves and, above all, across all school types. The participants were particularly interested in the Q&A session with district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU). Among the issues discussed were whether islam belongs to germany and whether cannabis could be legalized.
In four groups, the young people then devoted themselves to the topic of "fake news" and his different aspects. Expert knowledge provided by media scientist ernst schulten from the university of aschaffenburg. He showed very clearly how quickly "fake news" can spread, for example, the false report of a "scuffle at the district youth conference", create and publish on the internet.
"The event was very successful, sums up the organization team of the youth welfare office. District administrator tritthart was also very impressed by his young audience: "i am pleased that the young people in the district are very open to discussion and dare to express their opinions. That's what democracy lives on". The next district youth conference will take place in spring 2020.

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