Recycling centers go into emergency operation

With immediate effect, burgers can only deliver residual waste in sealed bags to the recycling centers in eckental, herzogenaurach and medbach. Other things are no longer accepted. Commercial deliveries are still possible, according to the district administration office.

The rush was too rough

In the past few days, there had been heavy congestion at all three recycling centers in the district, which – also due to the protective measures taken at the facilities – had led to considerable traffic jams and, in some cases, traffic-threatening conditions. After coordination between the district of erlangen-hochstadt, the waste management association in the city of erlangen and in the district of erlangen-hochstadt as well as the police inspection erlangen-land, only emergency operations will take place at all recycling centers in the district with immediate effect. The opening times are published on the homepage of the district office erlangen-hochstadt and the waste management association.

These restrictions were necessary, it says in the press release, because otherwise the mandatory hygiene standards on the sites could not be guaranteed and, in addition, there were traffic hazards to be fe.

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