U.s. Missile defense: moscow ventures pre-emptive strike

u.s. missile defense: moscow ventures pre-emptive strike

Washington’s plans are destabilizing and pose a massive threat to russia’s strategic security, chief of general staff nikolai makarov told a conference of nato defense experts in moscow on thursday.

Kremlin chief dmitry medvedev, in a grubwort to the participants, warned of a new betting frenzy if the u.S. Were to implement its previous plans. The head of the u.S. Delegation, ellen tauscher, rejected the criticism as "unconvincing. She spoke out in favor of further negotiations between russia and nato.

"The language is at a dead end," russia’s defense minister anatoly serdyukov, on the other hand, said. "If the u.S. And nato consider it possible, while preserving their own security, to disregard the security of their neighbors, then we will have no choice but to take appropriate countermeasures," warned makarov.

He reiterated that russia would only agree to a joint missile defense with only one command post and again threatened to withdraw from abrustment treaties. Nato currently offers two separate, albeit closely interlocked, systems.

Moscow’s security council chief nikolai patrushev warned that the U.S. Project could intercept russia’s ballistic missiles in six years, according to the interfax agency. He again called for written guarantees from the u.S. That the defense system would not be directed against the world’s largest country.

Possible countermeasures include not only the deployment of iskander missiles in kaliningrad around the former konigsberg on the baltic sea, but also their use to destroy components of the planned western defense shield, makarov stressed. So far, russia had threatened to deploy the defenses, but not so openly with their possible use. Moscow’s chief of general staff called the threat of missiles from north korea and iran, against which the u.S. Project is allegedly directed, "contrived".

The head of international affairs at the u.S. Department of defense, alexander vershbow, accused russia of starting from "false data". "We have no desire to undermine global strategic stability," he stressed in moscow. More than 200 participants from 50 countries attend the two-day conference.

U.S. Senator john mccain, meanwhile, defended the planned U.S. Missile defense during a visit to the lithuanian capital of vilnius. Russia’s use of the project as a pretext for rearmament is an example of future president vladimir putin’s "paranoia," mccain said, according to the BNS news agency.

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