Watching the 2018 world cup in forchheim: this is where fans get their money’s worth

watching the 2018 world cup in forchheim: this is where fans get their money's worth

Many soccer fans in the district of forchheim have been waiting for this: on thursday, the 2018 soccer world championship in russia will finally get underway. To cheer with the german national team and hopefully many german goals – that's what makes the team the most fun. That's why many people watch the world cup together.

No big world cup event in forchheim

In germany, the rudel-gucken spatestens since the home world cup 2006 is known as public viewing. In 2010, the only public viewing so far took place on a big screen on the paradeplatz in forchheim. As in previous years, the people of forchheim will have to do without such a world cup event this year. "There will be no public viewing in the city this year, but there will be numerous soccer broadcasts in the "gaststatten" establishments, betrayal head of the public order department klaus backer. The landlords do not have to get permission for these broadcasts, unlike in the case of large, official public viewings; they only have to notify the city of forchheim one week in advance.

These locations in forchheim show world cup matches

The gaststatte L'osteria am paradeplatz, the ice cream parlor buonissimo and the O.B.A shisha lounge in the main street showing all the games on their tvs. Also in the parkcafe in the spitalstrabe fans can follow the world cup live. World cup enthusiasts who like it a bit more cozy will get their money's worth at ulrich pechtold's UP sportsbar in friedrich-ludwig-jahn-strabe. In addition, selected top games are also shown there. The arizona restaurant on the town hall square is broadcasting the german games on the big screen and big-screen TV indoors and outdoors on the terrace. From the quarterfinals on, all games will be shown. At the kaiserstrand, too, the operators are putting up a rough screen showing the games of the german national team.

World cup broadcasts at the instead festival in forchheim

To the instead of festival saturday, 23. June, also the stadtlockal in the fubgangerzone and the new local lubbis in the apothekenstrabe will broadcast the match germany vs. Sweden. The lubbis does not officially open until the beginning of august, but is already taking part in the new old town festival. The game will also be shown on the rudimentary rathaus stage.

Kellerwald becomes a world cup mile

In 2018 the kellerwald in forchheim will again become a world cup mile. At the glocken-, greif-, schlobla- and schneider-keller all games of the german fubball national team will be shown.

For anyone from forchheim who would prefer to organize a private world cup party at home and set up a screen or a tv in the garden, for example, the head of the public order department, backer, has this advice: "just do it with a goal in mind, don't try to keep things quiet, and ideally talk to your neighbors beforehand." Then there's nothing standing in the way of the world cup spab in forchheim.

World cup 2018: these are good public viewing locations in france

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