Wildflecken’s brigitte lochner served as head of four town halls at once

Wildflecken's brigitte lochner served as head of four town halls at once

"It is not a matter of course, nor is it often the case, that employees have worked for one and the same employer for such a long time. Brigitte lochner thus helped to write a piece of town hall history", the mayor kleinhenz emphasized the special achievement of her. Four burgermeisters (helmut patzke, walter gutmann, alfred schrenk and, most recently, gerd kleinhenz) could rely on a dutiful employee.

On 1. In august 1966, brigitte lochner began her training as an administrative employee with the then neuwildflecken municipality, and on 31. July 1969 successfully completed. She was taken on by the municipality as an employee.

"During her 48 years of service at the town hall, brigitte has worked in all the departments of the town hall and has acquired a wealth of experience", emphasized the mayor. For a long time she was in the "gemeindebucherei" busy. She then worked in the residents' registration office, the chamber office and the secretary's office.

Contact person at the social welfare office
Since 1976 she was the contact person in the social welfare office. With her social understanding and commitment, she was the first point of contact for citizens seeking help. This also included the emigrants and resettlers, who felt that their concerns and needs were in good hands with her.

Remembrance of burial money
For family reasons, brigitte lochner worked as a part-time employee for the local authority from february 1985. She particularly remembers the payment of the "funeral allowance", a gift of money from the german government to the citizens of the former germany after the opening of the border in 1989 remained. There were "queues" of people, who received their money from her and drove their "trabants" to her office she remembers the time 25 years ago when she occupied the town hall square.

Her colleagues particularly appreciated her friendliness, helpfulness, empathy and good humor, which she always brought back to the town hall. So it was no wonder that the compliment "I'll miss you very much" was not received, the most frequently mentioned word from her colleagues was.
Brigitte lochner thanked them and the mayor for the flowers, the gift and the words of appreciation. Her popularity was also demonstrated by the fact that the "pensioners", some of whom had left the company years ago, came to her for money heinrich gundelach, helmut bernhard, helmut raab and maria loser at her "farewell" party had come.

Certificate of honor
In august 1991, brigitte lochner was honored by mayor walter gutmann on the occasion of her 25th anniversary of service, and in august 2006 for 40 years of employment in the public sector with the honorary certificate of the bavarian state ministry of labor and social affairs, family and women for her conscientious work by mayor alfred schrenk.

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