Ats kulmbach: the torhuter takes over an office

Ats kulmbach: the torhuter takes over an office

Finding volunteers is becoming increasingly difficult for sports clubs. Because functionaries, coaches and trainers belong to a dying breed. The soccer team of ATS kulmbach has now gained another active player for an office. Goalkeeper patrick pohl takes over as sporting director from christian kolb, who – we reported briefly – has been promoted to the new head of department.
"Johannes popp told us weeks ago that he would no longer be able to continue in his position due to time constraints", says christian kolb. He understands the move of his predecessor, the owner of a construction company (kolb: "the construction industry is booming"), but is pleased that popp is not withdrawing completely and will remain with the department as a writer.

Head of department helps out

For two and a half years christian kolb was head of the team and sporting director, he also kicked in the reserve team and when – as at present – there is a need for a man, even in the district league team. The 37-year-old only had to help out on saturday. Defender kolb was one of only two substitutes for the ATS and came on in the last ten minutes of the 0:1 defeat to SV poppenreuth. Goalkeeper patrick pohl, who was absent due to a torn muscle bundle, acted as a substitute coach in this match because the new coach vitor do adro was also on vacation, as were some of the players.
Pohl, by the way, like christian kolb in the service of the city of kulmbach, respectively. Deren stadtwerke, was recently elected as the new sporting director. Kolb is concerned about the double burden for pohl when he can return to the box: "but we have assured patrick that someone will be put at his side then."

"Need to increase staffing"

The ATS kulmbach squad experienced a major personnel upheaval in the summer – as it did a year earlier after the departure of coach armin eck. The fact that eck's successor, florian ascherl, had to leave again after just one year came as a surprise to many people. When the decision was announced, many players also turned their backs on ATS. "We have decided to make a change and now we have to make the best out of the season," says, says the new head of department.
Christian kolb is thrilled "how players from lower classes like david lauterbach or niklas zeidler improve week by week. I have to give the squad a big compliment for showing such a great character." That's why for kolb it's "no break in the leg", that after five lots you only have five payers.
However, the new head of department is also aware that "the current squad is too small for the district league". Christian kolb says: "we have to add more players in the winter break."

2. Team should come back

The staffing problems are also due to the fact that the ATS now for the second season in a row no 2. Team has more. "It's hard to keep a 20-man squad, six of whom can't be deployed on weekends", FEMALE COLB. That's why he promises: "we are working on achieving a 2. Team to report."
But what is the financial situation of the ATS soccer department?? Christian kolb refuses to be drawn on the details, saying only: "ATS honors all its commitments, we don't make empty promises. This may have been the case in the past."

Youth work is a cause for concern

But youth work continues to be a source of concern. The ATS operates together with the BC leuchau, TSV melkendorf, vatanspor kulmbach, TSV 08 kulmbach and vfb kulmbach a play community in the A-, B- and C-junior range. "The advantage of an SG is that the players keep the passport of their home club and the formalities are less", says long-time ATS youth director werner dierschke. For this reason, the plassenburg youth challenge group (JFG), which has existed since 2013, will be dissolved at the end of the year.

Dierschke wants to quit

The 76-year-old did not stand for re-election on thursday after no less than 60 years of service to the ATS. But in the absence of a successor, werner dierschke has to continue the office once more on a commission basis. "Despite many highs and lows, one is still connected with the club. Once ATS, always ATS", he says.
Christian kolb, who himself was trained in the ATS youth program, wants to persuade dierschke to continue. "He is an institution. But we at the ATS may still pay ten years for the mistakes of the past, that a functioning youth work was given up."

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