Djk ladies just miss sensation

Djk ladies just miss sensation

With their heads held high, but empty-handed, the bundesliga women’s basketball team of DJK brose bamberg returned from their first play-off quarter-final game in wasserburg, germany. With the last throw, the team of trainer steffen dauer had the chance to force the clear favorite into the verlangerung, but ultimately had to admit defeat with 68:71 (38:27) narrowly. The second duel of the "best-of-three-series takes place on friday (8 pm) in bamberg.

Then, so coach steffen dauer assured despite the first disappointment about the defeat "we will try everything to make up the series in our own hall with the support of our fans in the back". Not much was missing, and the bambergerinnen had gone with 1:0 in the lead. "In the end it was an attack", stated dauer "but the last throw has unfortunately not fallen. The only thing that was not right today was the result. We fully challenged the opponent for 40 minutes, but unfortunately drew the short straw." It was not necessarily expected that the closest final result in the opening quarterfinal would come from the duel between the first and last teams in the main round. The wasserburg audience was correspondingly restrained in its reaction to the performance of the prominent hosts, who had an outstanding emma cannon (34 points/21 rebounds) under the basket to thank in particular for the fact that they were able to pull their heads out of the noose in the second half.

The first 20 minutes clearly belonged to the DJK ladies, who took the lead after three threes of their captain jessica miller (9:6) and maintained it until the end of the third quarter. With the self-confidence from five wins in a row in attack and high intensity in defense, the up-and-coming team around the strong janae young (12 points and 10 rebounds in the first half) always kept the championship favorites at bay and built up a double-digit lead (38:27) by the break.

Even a deficit before the final quarter did not put DJK out of its stride. Wasserburg forced the play against DJK center brett benzio, who was charged with a foul, but binta drammeh brought her team back to within 68-69 with one minute left on the clock. The decisive goal was then scored by the otherwise pale anne breitreiner, of all people, who moved to the basket with all her routine and finished successfully, while the last bamberger attempt missed its target. The DJK ladies returned home with a certain amount of disillusionment at having missed the coup, but also with the knowledge that they would be able to challenge the title contender no. 1 to seriously stand up to the competition. The 20 fans who had come along rewarded this with loud cheering before, during and after the game. Seha
TSV wasserburg: cannon (34), barnert (13), sten (13), breitreiner (6), thoresen (3), dalembert (2), brunckhorst, fikiel, gray / DJK brose bamberg: drammeh (17), young (17), hartmann (12), miller (12), benzio (4), lohneib T. (4), zeis (2), beck, gut, munder

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