Eu sees china’s involvement in the balkans with growing concern

Eu sees china's involvement in the balkans with growing concern

The european union views china’s continuing involvement in the balkans with growing concern.

China has long been able to present itself as a state that is supposedly only pursuing economic interests with its investments, said EU enlargement commissioner johannes hahn on thursday evening at the 12th EU summit in berlin. European media summit in lech, austria. "The opposite is the case," said hahn. China wants to make its model salon-worthy in europe.

The fundamental choice is between dictatorship and democracy, between a social market economy and turbo-capitalism. In the case of the balkans, the union must meet the challenge of china with adequate responses. "We need to take a close look at the acquisition of potentially strategically relevant companies by the chinese," hahn said on the sidelines of the media meeting organized by the association of the foreign press. Chinese money is being used to build power plants, highways and bridges in the six western balkan countries.

Hahn again pleaded for a significant increase in the union’s ability to act, especially in earmarked political issues, by breaking up the principle of unanimity in favor of majority decisions. "This is the basic prerequisite for survival in global competition," said the eu commissioner, who is also responsible for neighborhood policy. It spends at least a third of its time trying to convince one or at most two countries of the will of the remaining 26 or 27 countries.

When it comes to the question of possible EU membership – which has been promised for 2025 – it is difficult to say which of the six western balkan states will be the first to succeed. With serbia, further chapters in the accession process were opened by the end of the year, and montenegro had already completed 33 of 35 chapters. But the former yugoslav republic of macedonia could also catch up if it really succeeds in settling the name dispute with greece. Macedonia wants to call itself the republic of northern macedonia in view of greece, which has a province of the same name.

The current dispute between serbia and kosovo should be taken seriously, but not overestimated. Kosovo had imposed a 100 percent duty on goods from serbia, which put a further strain on the already extremely difficult bilateral relations. Reconciliation between serbia and its former province, which has been independent since 2008, is a prerequisite for EU accession. "I’m still confident that we’re making progress," said hahn, who will travel to the region next week.

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