Gardening keeps franz zimmermann young

It is admirable how fit franz zimmer still is at the age of 90. The sudetenland native, who has lived in windischenhaig for 60 years and found happiness there with his wife babette, celebrated his honorary day with a clear mind and an intact body.

He has had an eventful life, completing an agricultural apprenticeship before joining the armed forces at the age of 16. After the war, he trained as a potting specialist and worked at the plassenburg wine press plant. Flexible as he is, the jubilarian loved to retrain as a locksmith, worked for eight years at the maisel company in windischenhaig and most recently at ESK schneider in lehenthal.

"I have never been afraid of change", laughs franz "keeps you young." And he still feels young enough for his favorite hobby: gardening. "I do everything there, from tree care to planting and harvesting." He was particularly proud of his tomatoes this year. It is almost a miracle that he had time for voluntary activities. Almost 60 years of service to the windischenhaig sanitation department, of which he is an honorary section chief. The honorary member of the fire department and the beekeepers' association was also at the helm of the local horticultural association, which appointed him honorary chairman.

Congratulations were extended by the two sons and many friends, as well as city councilor lothar seyfferth and pastor arnold ruhr. His sister came all the way from westphalia.

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