German handball women lose wm ticket

german handball women lose wm ticket

Germany's handball women hug each other in relief, then love each other on a jubilant round of celebrations from the enthusiastic fans.

Thanks to an outstanding goalkeeper dinah eckerle and a goal-scoring backstop alicia stolle, the DHB selection has drawn the world cup ticket and can continue to dream of olympic participation. The team of national coach henk groener won the play-off play-off against croatia with 25:21 (14:9) and qualified after the 24:24 in the first duel for the final round from the 30th minute. November until 15. December in japan.

"We are just happy. It is important for the team to be at the tournament. The relief is great," said groener. "Our defense was the key to success today."

In front of 2131 spectators in hamm, eckerle was the mainstay of the german team, for which stolle scored six times. "I'm glad i could help the team," said eckerle. "The joy is enormous that it has worked out. It was a rough fight. We are happy to have made it and to be able to go to japan."

DHB sports director axel kromer stressed the importance of the success after the final whistle. "Participation in the world championships is very important because a rough tournament is incredibly stressful for the young players. And we now have the chance to draw the ticket for the olympics," said kromer.

In contrast to the first leg, the german team was wide awake from the start. The defense was aggressive and the first attacks in front were finished in a concentrated manner. After the 0:1 (4.) the DHB selection quickly pulled ahead to 4:1 (7.) thereof.

But the good looks were deceiving at first. Technical errors and lack of concentration in attack crept in suddenly. Within four minutes, the advantage was squandered and the 2018 european championships tenth again in the back (4:5/11.).

In the middle of the first half, the host had then caught up. Thanks to strong saves by eckerle and the scoring prowess of stolle, who scored four of her six goals in the first 20 minutes, the DHB women had a 13:7 lead (24 minutes).) for the first time a comfortable six-goal cushion.

Groener had already praised stolle's great development before the match. "Alicia has become more confident and variable this year. She is better at assessing situations and has taken good steps forward," said the national coach, praising the backcourt player from DHB cup winner thuringer HC.

After the change, germany got a little out of sync. Only after six and a half minutes, the first goal was scored by meike schmelzer, who had been running in the circles. A lot of things went wrong in the attack, but at least the defense remained stable. Thus the 20. Victory in 29. Duel with the croatians, against whom the DHB team had already won the world championship playoffs in 2001 and 2003, no longer in danger.

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