Investigations after industrial accident at schraudenbachbrucke

Investigations after industrial accident at schraudenbachbrucke

After parts of a bridge under construction collapsed near schraudenbach in june 2016, investigations by the schweinfurt criminal investigation department were conducted in close coordination with the schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office. The expert opinion obtained on the causes of the collapse is now available. Investigation proceedings were initiated against three persons.

As already reported, on 15. June 2016, during the reconstruction of the schraudenbach viaduct south of the schweinfurt/werneck interchange, the supporting structure collapsed during concreting work. Thirteen construction workers were swept away. One construction worker was killed, fourteen people were injured in the collapse, four of them critically and six seriously.

According to the findings of the schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office, the cause of the collapse of the supporting structure during concreting work in section 3 is a stability failure of a supporting structure, a so-called yoke, due to a lack of horizontal rigidity of a yoke connection. Connecting elements are said to have been undersized, causing the yokes to become unstable and to collapse.

Analysis of the documents has shown that the statics and the design of the building do not match with regard to certain connections. According to the report, the unsuitable construction of these connections is to be regarded as the primary cause of the collapse.

Further investigations are now necessary against those responsible for calculating the structural analysis and for preparing the design drawings, as well as the additionally involved test engineer.

In the meantime, the criminal police in schweinfurt have seized further documents from the companies and persons concerned.

A total of three suspects are currently under investigation for involuntary manslaughter and negligent bodily injury, and their individual responsibilities must now be examined.

It is currently unclear when the investigation can be expected to be concluded. This will also depend on whether further expert opinions are required.

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