Junior chamber of commerce rewards social commitment

Junior Chamber of Commerce rewards social commitment

According to their own statements, the business juniors habberge in the wurzburg/schweinfurt chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) have been trying for a long time to bundle the young executives in the district with new activities. According to district spokesman steffen vogel (theres), however, it’s not just about economic issues and questions of how to assert oneself more successfully on the market, but the WJ also want to show social commitment in line with the motto "think economically – act socially" show. The junior economists are convinced that successful business and social commitment are not mutually exclusive. That is why the young entrepreneurs have started the project "sozial24" in which six members worked four hours a day in social occupations.

Michaela schobert was at the night ward of the habberg clinics from 4 to 8 a.M., thomas borst was at the nursing home, and sebastian sahlender was at the red cross and kept watch at the zeiler weinfest. Sebastian pollach was at the kindergarten in obertheres, lukas kagerbauer at the workshop for the handicapped in augsfeld, and steffen vogel spent four hours at the social station of the red cross in ebern.

For this project, the habberge business juniors have now been awarded second place in the category "best public relations work and member recruitment" by the bavarian business juniors have been awarded. During the award ceremony, christian reinschussel, regional spokesman for lower franconia, made it clear that the "sozial24" campaign had been the young entrepreneurship and the goals of the junior economists were presented positively to the public. "We young entrepreneurs do not see ourselves as egoists", who were only looking for their own economic success "but true to our guiding principle of the honorable businessman, we also see the social responsibility of entrepreneurship", said reinschussel.

District spokesman steffen vogel expressed his thanks for the award, which he sees as confirmation of the committed work in the district. Vogel announced that he would use the prize money and the WJ’s own funds to tackle a new social project as the habberge business juniors. Together with the bavarian red cross, vogel wants to organize a blood drive under the motto "true heroes donate blood" start a rough campaign for blood and organ donation especially for young people. Blood and organ donations save lives, he says. The proportion of young people who deal with the issue is still too low, which is why the junior economists want to sensitize the younger generation to the issue of blood and organ donation, explains district spokesman steffen vogel.

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