Knetzgau schoolchildren are said to have been rustet for professional life

Knetzgau schoolchildren are said to have been rustet for professional life

A project designed to help schoolchildren successfully pass the recruitment tests of the large-scale industry has now been launched at the dreiberg school in knetzgau. During a press conference, principal antje schorn and eva-maria dummler, chairwoman of the schweinfurt-based association "youth with a future, the offer to the eighth-graders of the middle school before.

In ten units, each lasting three hours, the students are taught once a week what is important for the aptitude tests. Walter trapp, a retired technical teacher who used to teach at schweinfurt’s vocational schools and served for more than 25 years on the examination committee of the sab chamber of handicrafts, had a lot of contact during his time of service with students who were unable to find an apprenticeship position. Trapp wanted to help here and has now been doing so successfully for ten years in close cooperation with the association "youth with a future. In knetzgau, he is currently training eight students and one girl who can imagine working in a technical profession in industry at a later date.

One of them is marlon lutz from westheim. The 14-year-old already has a concrete career wish. He wanted to become an automotive mechatronics technician, preferably in a large-scale operation. That’s why he volunteered, as did all the other fellow students, to benefit from walter trapp’s experience. "Today we prepared for a test consisting of technical drawing and number lines, which i found relatively easy.", marlon lutz said on the day of the press visit to the school. The other students also reported enthusiastically that the project was very enjoyable for them and that they considered it to be very useful for their professional future.

Principal matthias weinberger has already had positive experiences with the course and the "youth with a future" association, who organizes the whole thing, collected. The headmaster of the albrecht durer middle school in habfurt was pleased that, following a project in the last school year, training for recruitment tests can now also take place once again this year in habfurt. This is thanks to the commitment of raiffeisen-volksbank habberge eg, which is financing the current project in the district town. The sparkasse schweinfurt-habberge was able to become a sponsor for the dreiberg school in knetzgau.

Frederic rambacher of raiffeisen-volksbank habberge eg and peter schleich in his capacity as chairman of the board of directors of sparkasse schweinfurt-habberge agreed that they were happy to support innovative projects, in line with the motto "from the region for the region". Association chairwoman eva-maria dummler explained the motto with "from practice for practice" and thanked the sponsors as well as the principals and walter trapp for their commitment. Both schools are "TAFF model schools", where TAFF stands for "find and challenge talent" stands, as antje schorn explained. Like her colleague matthias weinberger, the principal praised the organization in small groups with a good atmosphere that encourages successful learning.

The "youth with a future" association was founded in the year 2005 in schweinfurt. Since then, the volunteers have been accompanying children and young people from the region with various projects. The vision of hans-dieter gopfert, the association’s founding chairman, to challenge children and young people in a holistic way, is the basis for the association’s work.

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