Mellow mark and co. Rocking the jukuz

Mellow mark and co. Rocking the jukuz

Rain, cold, gloomy sky – all this was banished to the doors of the jukuz in bad kissing. The mission was clear from the beginning: already at the end of april it was to spread a breath of carefree vacation time among the numerous guests.

Since autumn 2010, "dandelion" have been making a name for themselves music together. The six young people around frontwoman iris are only between 14 and 17 years old. Their task, to get the audience of bad kissing in the right mood for a long reggae night, they mastered with bravura. The perky lady at the microphone confidently pulled the audience forward, set the rhythm for guests and musicians, and even managed to pull the first dancers to the edge of the stage. "Let the sun in your heart", the trumpet- and saxophone-driven formation gave its audience a song title that was to be the program for the rest of the evening as well.

Mellow mark surprises with multitasking-one-man-show

Mellow mark alias mark schlumberger, who has been a guest of the music initiative hammelburg for many years, took up the bow of his predecessors skillfully. The experienced professional surprised with a brand new one-man-stage-show, which within an hour, the previous ideas of a "mellow mark-concert" threw over the heap. With the new EP "bye bye babylon and provocative announcements like "mellow mark is dead!" In the pack, the 37-year-old showed what he can do apart from the shows he usually does with his buddy pyro merz or the band "ruffcats" has to offer.

"Welcome to the beach he started his part of the jukuz-concert accompanied by the constant sound of the sea. And already the vacation plane took off in the direction of sunny climes: harmonica, sunglasses, matching hat and summery suit: mellow mark was well prepared for the trip with the bad kissingers. His mixture of old known hits like "rico rose, "revolution", "worldwide", or new pieces like an extravagant cover of the klaus lage classic from 1985 "monopoly", for which he published a video just a few days before, did their bit to make even the last sweaters fly.

If some did not even sweat at the sight of him: because mellow mark gave himself this time in the truest sense of the word multitaskingfahig. Percussion, guitar, vocals – the "gypsy lifestyle-interpreter showed full body effort and operated all instruments at the same time. Mellow mark was strengthened for a short time by "cashma hoody-bandmember john abdelsayed, who was in the audience that night and joined the singer-songwriter for a little guest appearance on percussions.

"Bye bye babylon

There is more? In bad kissingen, the answer was a resounding yes! Not a few people still remember the brilliant performance of the hessian formation "mighty vibez" as part of "hammelburg moves 2011 still in best memory. On the densely filled stage the band once again gave the title "bye bye babylon", for which then also iris from "dandelion" together with a brave young lady came up from the audience. They could hardly have loved the concert more, they agreed afterwards. "We thought it was great. It rocked. We have not been on stage for four months", sanger mishah summed up her impressions shortly after the last sounds had faded away. "This was again such a special moment, which we all missed for a long time." Since their last performance, they had produced and also privately done a lot: weddings, offspring, job, relocations – the full program.

The organizers were visibly pleased with the fantastic atmosphere that prevailed throughout the evening. One thing is already certain: the next musical gathering is sure to come… Before the summer holidays?

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