Railroad line in bamberg-east heats up the tempers

railroad line in bamberg-east heats up the tempers

At the beginning of an information meeting organized by the memmelsdorf CSU at the lichteneiche sports center, gubitz presented a planning concept for what will also be known as the "bamberg eastern bypass" the two-track rail line that has been designated as such. From strullendorf, the route will first run parallel to the existing tracks, then cross under the B 505 and turn right into the main moorland forest. After that, the route is to rise and cross both the staatsstrabe and the strabenknoten at the bamberg-sud slip road. After that, the route is to remain on the left of the freeway and cross under the roads in the direction of podeldorf and memmelsdorf. Also in the extension of the runway of the bamberger airfield one wants to remain still in an open tunnel, in order not to endanger the flight operation. But then it’s supposed to be a steep climb to cross the A 70 freeway to the left of the A 73 at the bamberg interchange. After that, this planning section ends, the tracks of the "eastern bypass" are to be built as far as breitengubbach reunited" with the existing tracks become.

The numerous participants at the CSU information evening – which was also attended by bundestag candidate emmi zeulner from lichtenfels – had no understanding above all for the freeway overpass. Gubitz justified this with strong groundwater flows from the scheblitz area, which made an underpass difficult. "A tunnel about 800 meters long would be necessary, with an uplift-protected flood basin, very complicated to build", said gubitz. "That’s the way to do it dietmar beck of the lichteneiche citizens’ initiative spontaneously countered. The tenor of the meeting was that only then could the realization of the eastern bypass be considered at all. The residents franz herold and karl diefenbach hit the same notch.

Gubitz’ tried in vain to gain understanding for his position with complex presentations of the arm emissions. Among other things, modern good wagons and armored walls were used. "Your calculations do not take air traffic noise into account", rainer braun of the burgerinitiative "did not want any more larm towards lichteneiche. "The larm limits are already being exceeded", bettina braun rescinded. "If the railroad were to be added on top of that, it would exceed all limits". Several hundred signatures have already been collected against such a project.
Rainer gubitz emphasized several times that various alternatives are currently "open to results" have been pruft. Also money games "for the first time no dominant role.

Mayor johann bauerlein (CSU) criticized the "information and salami tactics of the city of bamberg. "Why are they harping on the eastern bypass variant??" Asked bauerlein. "For us, only the four-track expansion of the existing line with the most modern arm protection facilities is an option". Who has the advantage of the railroad for generations, can not now want to roll off a disadvantage on others. Moreover, the additional land consumption is unnecessary". Bauerlein was supported by the deputy chairman of the CSU district and mayor of buttenheim, johann kalb, who criticized such a "triumph of the st. Florians-principle" wants to prevent. "

"The decision will be made in berlin", emphasized the chairman of the traffic club germany (VCD)/ section bamberg, dieter volk. There is already "too much noise along the entire route, and any additional burden is a "K" for an eastern bypass.O.-criterion". A completely unjustifiable, approximately 65-meter-wide route through the hauptsmoorwald forest, for which 50 hectares of forest and ten hectares of land had to be sacrificed, could not be justified. "That’s 80 soccer fields in a row", made the relation clear to the people. Moreover, the residents are already burdened to the limit of what is legally acceptable.

The chairman of the gartenstadt community of settlers, siegmund schauer, still sees a good solution in the four-track extension of the existing railroad line through bamberg with optimal protection against larming. "I keep the bet: even a tunnel from munchner ring to kronacher strabe in bamberg will not be more expensive than this eastern bypass", he said. The four-track expansion is a good solution for the city and the state. An eastward link for bamberg will only bring additional rail traffic to the region.

"Such a project does not hoard however in memmelsdorf on", asked the CSU candidate for the bundestag emmi zeulner to take this into account. Towns and communities along the railroad line will save massive costs as a result. However, the permanent ability of the municipalities to act must be a "major political concern" remain.

A "red" could not be missing in this cross-party project among the "black. SPD subdistrict chairman and gundelsheim mayor jonas merzbacher also pleaded for an extension of the existing route. The eastern bypass of bamberg brought into the debate is not a real alternative.

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