The hard way into the land of dreams

The hard way into the land of dreams

On average, each person oversleeps 26 years of his or her life. This means that we spend a good third of our lives asleep. This is a necessity. Because we need sleep to stay healthy and fit. Above all, the brain uses sleep to process all the stimuli and information of the previous day.
Young parents, however, often feel they have no sleep at all. Babies need to be nursed at night, three-year-olds wake up frequently because they have nightmares, and schoolchildren find a different reason every night why they can't fall asleep today. But if parents and children don't get enough sleep, the mood in the family will soon plummet and performance will decline. Few probably know this better than the educational consultants from caritas.
"Unfortunately, too many parents are resigned to the fact that poor sleep is an ongoing issue in the family.", say caritas employees. There are, however, some measures that can help improve sleep.

Einstein was a slow sleeper
The most important point for healthy sleep is whether the individual members of the family have a regular sleep rhythm. If you fall asleep and get up at the same time every day, you help your body to set its internal clock correctly.
However, it must be taken into account that each person needs an individual sleep duration in order to recover sufficiently. There are short sleepers, who are rested and awake after four hours (famous example: napoleon), and there are slow sleepers, who need at least twelve hours to recover. Albert einstein is said to have needed so much sleep.
Unfortunately, little can be done about this individual sleep duration. In the course of life, however, the personal need for sleep shortens. Babies sleep most of the time, while kindergartners only need a daytime nap at most. Sleep logs can help determine how long each family member sleeps.
You can help children find their way to sleep. "The last hour before falling asleep should be as quiet as possible", the caritas advisors recommend.
The same bedtime ritual also makes the transition to sleep easier. Action-packed TV entertainment, on the other hand, does not belong in the evening program. Physical exertion should also be placed in the afternoon rather than the evening hours.

A short breather
Some babies have particularly rough problems finding their way to sleep. When they are awake, they cry all the time, and when they are asleep, they give their exhausted parents only very short breaks.
But even this burden does not have to be accepted. However, professional support is needed here.

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