The way is clear for the turnaround

The way is clear for the turnaround

For 115,000 euros, a bus turnaround facility was created in oberlauter directly on bundesstrabe 4, which has now been put into operation after its completion. The government of upper franconia has agreed to cover 50 percent of the eligible costs.

The reason for the construction was a decision to extend the city bus line of suc to oberlauter. The operator then demanded a proper turnaround and parking for the buses during the bus drivers’ breaks. The expansion of the bus stop to the south was included in the planning, which had been underway since october 2017. The construction project also includes their handicapped-accessible connection with the "rufbus" stop for the upper districts. In addition, four new streetlights were installed for better lighting. Construction time was only one and a half months.

"What is true for a long time, becomes good at last", said second mayor martin rebhan (SPD) at the handover of the facility, which after all covers 1300 square meters. He was pleased that oberlauter is now also connected to the city bus line, which is a long-standing wish of the population.

District administrator sebastian straubel (CSU), who initiated this investment during his time as mayor, was also relieved that everything is finally ready. Reimund angermuller from the suc called this a good step for lautertal.

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