Tobias creutzner receives honorary flugel

Tobias creutzner receives honorary flugel

The evangelical youth of the steigerwald deaneries markt einersheim and castell (EJ-meica) elected the governing body at their youth convention this year. For two years, six young people will determine the fate of the youth together with the deanery youth officers and youth pastors.

According to the press release, the main concern here is the varied leisure program. But the chamber also has a say in personnel matters and finances. It represents the youth to the eaves and is accordingly represented at various church and political levels.

38 young people took an entire saturday to meet in castell for the deanery youth convention under the theme: "let go of stress". In the afternoon, they invited psychologist marlene altenmuller, who has just completed her master’s degree in this subject and who is also active in the evangelische jugend bavaria (protestant youth organization). In her presentation, she not only dealt with how stressful situations arise, but also how to deal with them.

Tobias creutzner received a special honor at the end of the day. He was presented with the honorary luster of the evangelische jugend bavaria for his 14 years of commitment.

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