U.s. Secretary of state clinton in hospital

u.s. secretary of state clinton in hospital

The 65-year-old is receiving blood thinning medication and must remain in the new york clinic for 48 hours, clinton’s spokesman philippe reines announced late sunday evening (local time) in washington.

Clinton had a dizzy spell a few weeks ago as a result of gastrointestinal illness and fell down. According to official reports, she had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage, which had only been diagnosed days later. The blood clot has now been diagnosed during a follow-up examination, explained reines. Also because of other not near designated consequences of the brain shuttering she is observed further by doctors. They will also decide whether further tests will be necessary.

Clinton has not appeared in public for weeks. She had to cancel a trip abroad and a congressional interview. The former first lady has already announced that she will not be available for a second term. Meanwhile, re-elected president barack obama has nominated democratic senator and former presidential candidate john kerry for the post. It must still be confirmed by the congress. According to her own statement, clinton wanted to continue working until then.

Democratic politician is considered a possible candidate for the next presidential election in 2016. She herself has repeatedly denied such ambitions. According to a new CNN/ORC international poll, 85 percent of democrats would support a candidacy by the wife of ex-president bill clinton.

The politician suffered from thrombosis once before. She was diagnosed with a blood clot as early as 1998, she told the "new york daily news" in an interview in 2007. That had been her worst health scare to date. "I was campaigning for (new york senator) chuck schumer when my fub started hurting and i had a problem putting my shoe on."Finally, she went to the hospital on the advice of a doctor. The clot was discovered there. "I was lucky. We were able to solve it completely, and there were no further consequences."

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