22 Graphic artists exhibit festival ideas

22 graphic artists exhibit festival ideas

One of the artists is deborah jeromin. She has prepared an installation on the theme of fortress europe. Barbed wire threatens two inflatable boats. Deborah jeromin is 25 years old. They call their work "paradise europe". The two colorful inflatable boats, which are supposed to express the lightness and gentleness of europe, are characteristic of the exhibition. She is talking about "fortress europe", europe as imagined by the refugees. It is about the idea of leisure, culture and vacation in europe and also about the borders that have to be overcome to get to europe, therefore very close to the barbed wire. "Towards the top, the barbed wire dissolves into glitter; below, it threatens the boats, a delicate matter", says the artist thoughtfully. "The rest is light, floating. The wire brings in a level that interrupts the impression of lightness and gentleness."

The opening of the exhibition "fortresses – inside and outside" took place in the chapel of the frankische galerie at the rosenberg fortress, young art from leipzig, instead of. Kronach's second mayor angela hofmann (CSU) was pleased about the numerous visitors, among them many honorary guests and sponsors.

The exhibition shows contemporary, young art from leipzig – graphics, photography and media art – and is the first group exhibition of this kind in kronach, angela hofmann emphasized. The 22 exhibiting artists, some of whom were present, interpreted the term "fortress" very differently; on the one hand, it was about the military type of construction, but also about psychological effects. "That comes in the works well ruber", said hofmann. He said that the exhibition combines the land exhibition with art and invites to experience different facets of fortresses.

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