A parish house to the st. St. Michael’s church

A parish house to the st. St. Michael's Church

The evangelical lutheran church wants to make community life more attractive. Therefore, a community center at the st. St. Michael's church to be built. The architectural details still need to be worked out. But the planning is at least so far advanced that pastor robert augustin was able to present the ground plans to the city councils in a preliminary building application.

"Since 2009 the parish has been working on the project. We have examined all possible variants", said the pastor. The flat area of the parish hall in berliner strabe is too narrow for an annexe. Besides, the parish hall would be too far away from the church. This argument also excludes a new building at the catholic parish center. Because the parish house should be a meeting place after the service. An addition to the evangelical kindergarten on the st. St. Michael's church, however, was again too circumstantial, as augustin explained.

This leaves only the western flank of the church as the remaining site. The parish hall will be attached to it. The current side entrance will become a direct link between the church and the new building. It will be visually separated from the church building, for example, by a light band.

The architect agreed
"I think olaf gulbransson would have agreed", said pastor augustin in response to a question from the saale newspaper. The extension is in the sense of the architect of the st. St. Michael's church because it was simple and served the community. Gulbransson had also helped plan the kindergarten. There was a "very close discussion" between the state church office and the widow of gulbransson, the pastor said. Augustin: "I have heard nothing negative since then." The architect's elderly widow had objected to the building project through a representative at the beginning of the process.

City architect detlef mohr said in the city council meeting that there would be a change. But it is the only possibility.

Construction is expected to start in the fall. The parish expects the cost to be in the range of 750.000 euro. According to augustin, the company is still waiting for a grant from the regional church. The grant is to cover one-third of the sum. The rest is financed through reserves and debt.

The annex will have three rooms separated by sliding doors, kitchen and sanitary facilities. The plans will be posted in the church as of sunday. The new parish hall is intended not only as a venue for events, but also as a winter church. Because the concrete building of the st. St. Michael's church is not insulated and cools down strongly in winter. The electric heaters under the pews cause drafty air circulation, as augustin explained. "Elderly parishioners refrain from attending services in winter."

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