Aub’s coach threatens: “there’s a danger that i’ll come back

Aub's coach threatens: 'there's a danger that I'll come back

They won’t be afraid at TSV aub, and christopher dietl’s threat isn’t really meant seriously when he says: “there”s a real danger that i”ll come back to aub”.” first of all, he”s leaving – that”s fixed. At the end of the season, the 47-year-old says goodbye to the district league team (14./15 points). Where to, is still uncertain.

The decision came as no surprise to anyone. Dietl actually wanted to resign from his post at the end of last season, when his boys finished their premiere season in the district league in a commanding sixth place. But he stayed. Also because his hometown club was facing more difficult times after the march through from the B- to the district league. The coach, who previously also served as TSV’s sports director for six years and sports manager for two years, did not want to leave the team in such turbulent times.

Negative series has many reasons

"A march through from the B- to the district league is no coincidence," says dietl, tells dietl. "The boys have subordinated everything to fubball and are committed to success." You can’t make that kind of dedication a permanent condition – not in the district class, not at the young age of your proteges. There are the usual suspects that love to stall TSV’s triumphant run: studies, shift work, the new girlfriend. Add to that the absence due to injury and a few departures, and the previously stable first division team is already circling around at the bottom of the table.

Right in the first game of the season, at SV willanzheim, there was a good beating – 0:5. Aub had to wait six more games for its first win of the season, at home against spvgg giebelstadt it was time (3:2). The problem child was quickly identified: after 14 games, TSV has only 18 goals to its credit. "The experiment of having my son play up front didn’t really work out," he says, says dietl. What worked well in the preparation, did not succeed in the points round. The solution found dietl in a new arrival: cherno jallow. The contact was made through ibrima saine, who had moved to FC geesdorf. Since then, son jakob has been playing at the back again (dietl: "this way we are much more stable"), jallow takes over the attack.

Staying in the league is the season’s goal

The TSV has won three of its last four games and is three points ahead of the relegation zone. But where does aub go until the end of the season?? "To the top, for sure. Auber gelchsheim can beat anyone in the league", says dietl, who admits in the very next sentence: "it will be a tight story. The decision about the class preservation will probably fall only in the last season game."

The future coach should at best take over an intact district team. Who will succeed dietl has not yet been determined. "We have four or five candidates in mind", says the chairman claus rubling. "We have a fairly young team and therefore aim for a solution with a player-coach." Mainly because that would be closer to the youth. For rubling, dietl’s decision is a pity, but absolutely understandable. "Setting new impulses is not necessarily a bad thing", says the 45-year-old. After all, he doesn’t have to miss dietl either: "he’s from here, the decision was made by mutual agreement. We continue to drink our beer together, all is well."

Dietl’s goal is uncertain

Dietl is also in contact with associations – of course he does not want to reveal anything. Only so much: there were already interesting offers, both from the men’s and from the youth area. Some offers, as attractive as they may be, have already been rejected by dietl. The geographical distance was simply too rough, the distance from aub too far. Where the 47-year-old will end up remains to be seen. It seems almost certain, on the other hand, that they will bury him again at TSV at some point in one function or another. Because: "TSV aub will always be my club."

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