B 470 gets final touches

B 470 gets final touches

Andreas dorsch residents of bruckenstrabe and grobe bauerngasse in hochstadt can breathe a sigh of relief – but for those on hauptstrabe in gremsdorf, the time without traffic alarms will come to an end again this afternoon. The B470 between hochstadt and gremsdorf is opened to traffic with a new road surface.

Partly with a substructure

For three weeks, the federal highway was completely closed to traffic on this section, which is used by well over 10,000 vehicles a day. The worn road surface with its damaged areas was chipped off and renewed over a length of 1.2 kilometers. At the crossing at the entrance to gremsdorf, the road was also given a new substructure.

The top asphalt layer was already applied on tuesday. Since then, the remaining work along the road has been underway and will be completed today. Most conspicuous are the markings, such as median strips and especially turn lanes.

In towns without markings

By the way, these are the only markings that still adorn the road in the city center. As the responsible construction supervisor from the state construction office explains, there is no median or shoulder within the local signs.

According to the latest rules of technology, there is no marking here – the roads without lines are supposed to slow down the flowing traffic. Even on the new bridges in hochstadt, some motorists missed the lines.

Among the last jobs to be done in the past few days was making the banquets. To the right and left of the roadway, one-meter-wide gravel strips were installed and compacted, so that it is possible to get out of the way in case of an emergency. And finally, the road has also received new delineators. The state is paying around 350,000 euros for the new road surface between hochstadt and gremsdorf.

The road maintenance company also took advantage of the full closure in recent days to repair ruts on the B 470 in the section between the entrance to hochstadt and the carp traffic circle. One of the next upcoming projects is the rehabilitation of the damaged road around the carp roundabout.

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