City bus system under review

In september 2021, the contract between herzo bader- und verkehrs-gmbh and the koch bus company, which currently operates the herzobuses as a subcontractor, will end. Due to EU legal framework conditions, the operating service for the herzobus for the period from october 2021 must be put out to tender in advance on a europe-wide basis.

This is announced by the city and at the same time invites to an information event for the citizens of burgenland. The planning committee was only recently informed about the possible changes.

Since a change in the tendered operating performance is only possible to a limited extent during the ten-year contract period with the bus company, the tendered timetable concept should take into account as far as possible all current and future requirements for the herzobuses.

The "plan:mobil" planning office from kassel, an evaluation of the herzobus was therefore commissioned and the city bus system was reviewed in the light of current and future requirements, such as the development of the new residential areas on the "herzo base" and the future new "in der reuth" residential district, to be relegated. The recent and future changes to the regional bus routes will also be taken into account.

Natalie schneider from the planning office plan:mobil will speak at the public information event on monday, 18. February, at 7 p.M. In the meeting room of the interim town hall, wiesengrund 1, present the results of the evaluation and the elaborated service proposals at the city buses.

All citizens are invited to inform themselves about the plans.

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