Corona crisis: karliczek strains against opening up bafog

Corona crisis: karliczek strains against opening up bafog

Ahead of this wednesday’s coalition committee meeting, federal education minister anja karliczek (CDU) stands by her rejection of opening the bafog because of the corona crisis.

This is about students who actually have no bafog claim, but lose their part-time job and get financially in need. "What we don’t need at the moment is to go into a lengthy legislative process," karliczek told deutschlandfunk radio on wednesday. Currently "in good discussions" for fast transfer possibilities. "I think that this week will be something now."Karliczek had repeatedly announced that she wanted to provide interest-free loans for students instead of opening up the bafog.

However, the SPD and the opposition – above the afd – are insisting on an opening. Loosening is also required for the maximum duration of demands. It is high time that the federal government supports students "with an unbureaucratic immediate aid from a study fund", demanded the vice-chairman of the union for education and science, andreas keller, on wednesday. "The funds should remain as a grant that does not have to be repaid."

Not eligible for bafog are, for example, foreign students, students in their second course of study and students who have already exceeded the regular period of study. Many student jobs, for example in the restaurant business, are suspended because of the shutdown.

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