Court does not believe the defendant’s “robbery story

court does not believe the defendant's

The presiding judge of the criminal division of the schweinfurt district court first instructed the man, who had lived in prison for a long time and was a fugitive, in detail about his duty to tell the truth. At the same time, he dampened the expectations of those present regarding the witness's truthfulness, because he had considerable doubts about his statements to the police.
In 2012, he went to frankfurt "to party", reported the young man. In front of a casino, three moroccans had approached him and persuaded him to go to a pub in the red-light district to take part in an illegal game of chance. According to him, he lost quickly and built up a betting debt of 10,000 euros. When he could not pay, the arabic-origin manner had built up in front of him and said: "we are here in frankfurt. Things can be done differently. Frankfurt rules!"
In order to pay off his debts, the witness wants to buy other E. Have offered as a hashish grower. The moroccans are said to have given him several buckets of manure and 8,500 euros in seed money, most of which he claims to have spent on the overgrown shrine garden (7,000 euros) and the screen (300 euros). "You had no know-how, no land and were not a number in frankfurt", the presiding judge held up the witness to the "robbery pistol in front of. In the milieu it works differently, he could not credibly claim that these people had invested in him as an unknown. "This is not an amateur acting group", judge ohlenschlager clarified.

More and more contradictions
Little by little, more and more contradictions appeared in the story of the witness. He claims to have earned the money for the cannabis seeds, about 1800 euros, through winnings from gambling, as well as the costs for his livelihood. "Who or what was the source for this money?", the court asked the crucial question several times. She remained unanswered.
Obviously, what the witness told about the defendant's involvement was also a marvellous lesson. As a "rasta (note. The red.Rastafari are members of a jamaican denomination, some of whom wear dreadlocks and untrimmed beards), who is a horticulturist and feels connected to nature, he wants to join the accused s. Have presented. S., who is his cousin, is said to have rejected his ambitious cultivation plans and only visited him to sunbathe, chill and let the dogs run in nature on the idyllic garden plot. A wonderful picture that the witness painted to cast doubt on the accusation of complicity in the crime, according to the court's assessment. The defendant G. (22) had entered the property only sporadically "at most five or six times in the whole time".
The court was able to clarify at least a little the background of how the three men had built up their business. In response to a statement by the witness andre E. In regional newspapers, the 69-year-old owner of a forest land had contacted him. At the beginning of march, a deal was quickly struck, after a down payment of 1000 euros, the man addicted to gambling and drugs received the keys to the garden door.
The lady, a commercial employee, was happy to see her "little paradise of intergrown pines, firs, jasmine and ornamental shrubs" to have found a nature-loving buyer who is his cousin. She even visited him several times in the shrine garden until the end of may, shortly before the land was notarially transferred to the 25 year old, without her noticing the cannabis plants and their inherent odor. "I'll put all the palm trees there", had given her other E. At the viewing appointment he told about his plan with the stone steps of the stairs of the schrebergarten. Even the defendant's defense counsel had to smile. The fact that the other man, probably the accused S., the lady also remembered that she had stayed in the background during the on-site meeting.
Earlier, several experts had presented their reports on fingerprints and THC content of the seized drugs with a net weight of 45.7 kilograms. The trial will be continued today, tuesday. Start is at 8.30 o'clock

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