District hospital st. Anna doubles deficit

District hospital st. Anna doubles deficit

The fact that the district hospital st. Anna has once again made a loss is not really surprising. For years, the deficit has hovered around 500 million euros.000 euro mark. For a relatively small, municipal hospital whose goal is to provide basic health care, this is not unusual. In the last year, however, reveals the annual report presented tuesday to the hospital committee of the county council, has increased in st. Anna increases the deficit to 1.2 million euros. This corresponds to a doubling of the loss within one year.

Where other managers are in a state of anxiety, albert prickarz, head of administration at the hospital, remains comparatively relaxed. That may be because st. Anna is not dependent on a bank loan. The hospital is financed by the county. Relief from the district council is almost certain. But prickarz's peace of mind comes mainly from knowing the cause, which he believes was only temporary.

"The high deficit is due to the "surgery dent", says prickarz, referring to a sharp drop in surgical cases, which at the same time means a slump in revenue resulting from billing the health insurance companies. There had been about 140 surgeries too few, resulting in a hole of about 600.000 euros in the profit and loss account.

"Sharp personnel cut"
The cause of this "surgery dip in the first half of 2014, "the sharp cutbacks in personnel in the department" had contributed had been. During the transition period, until the new chief surgeon, hjalmar nekarda, had settled in, there had been some downtime. Chief physician holger herzing went to the hospital in lauf in march 2014. Nekarda took over almost seamlessly in april. "When there is a change of chief physician, slight changes in the number of surgeries are normal", says prickarz. The main problem was that herzing took his senior physician and two assistant physicians with him. The search for a new senior physician has proved difficult. A recruitment firm even had to be used to find a successor.

But not only the search for a senior physician was difficult. In general, the situation on the labor market is a headache for the hospital. "It used to be that they would open the drawer and have 30 applications. Today, the other way round, the applicant has 30 hospitalers in the drawer", says prickarz.

Heuer loss under 1 million euro
"We have briefly dipped under the clouds. Now we have reached the flight level again", says prickarz. The hope that the surgical area will continue to improve now also rests on the computer tomograph, which is expected to be available this year. As far as the current year is concerned, prickarz is cautiously more positive about the situation. "We will probably keep the economic plan." For 2015 a loss of slightly less than one million euros is therefore foreseeable. "The important thing is that we don't crack the million mark again", says prickarz. The goal, of course, is still to eventually eliminate the deficit.

"Our hospital has a future
As for this hope, county councilman hans lang (CSU) noted in the committee meeting that "we will probably never reach black zero". In the landscape of the local hospitals in bavaria there is hardly one with a surplus. Lang broke a lance for st. Anna: "it depends on what's in it. The district hospital is well managed. I hope for an impulse that will come from the necessary reorganization next year. Our house in hochstadt has a future."

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