Fifa:third transfer window possible

Fifa:third transfer window possible

So far, there are two phases in which players are allowed to transfer: one between seasons, which may not last longer than twelve weeks, and one in the middle of the season, which may not last longer than four weeks. "What we have seen now in the crisis is that associations are opening an additional, third transfer window," james kitching, FIFA director of football regulatory, told ARD’s "sportschau" about the new recommendations. "We were flexible about that, if the 16 weeks total time is not exceeded."

FIFA had recently issued various recommendations and guidelines regarding transfers and contracts in the coronavirus crisis. In german mannerfubball, two so-called registration periods for transfers have been planned so far: from 1. July to 31. August 2020 as well as from 2. January to 1. February 2021. Should the currently interrupted season last longer than planned, the transfer periods could be rescheduled.

The world governing body had also called for professional players’ contracts to be adjusted to reflect the actual course of their currently interrupted playing time. Expiring contracts can be extended until the season is over. Player changes planned for the summer are also to be completed only afterwards. FIFA cannot, however, make any binding stipulations in these matters. "We have to recognize that national labor law and the autonomy of clubs and players always take priority," kitching said.

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