How justus von dohnanyi experienced the shooting in oberlangenstadt

How justus von dohnanyi experienced the shooting in oberlangenstadt

In the interview, leading actor justus von dohnanyi and director sven unterwaldt talk about how they experienced their time in the market town of kups and what impressed them.

Interview with the main actor

How are you on "four enchanting sisters"? Become attentive?
Justus von dohnanyi: the first contact usually always comes through the agency. That was also the case for this film. I then get a request and am allowed to read the script. In this case, with great pleasure, because it is a really beautiful material and a story that is as touching as it is witty and funny. Then you can get more information about the agency. About who is participating or probably will participate. Then we have to see if we can make it work in time. That was not so easy in this case, because there were also other projects that overlapped in the time for discussion. But we have it to the gluck everything well managed.

What made you decide that you absolutely wanted to be part of this project??
These were different aspects. Once, of course, the role as such, which I like very much. Also what is behind her. Namely, that you can achieve a lot if you stick together. I think that is a very nice message for the kiddies. The second is the colleagues. It had almost worked out several times to shoot together with katja riemann, but in fact i have never worked together with her. I really appreciate her and I am very happy that I can work with her now. I already had to do with director sven unterwaldt, which also made a lot of fun. So all in all it was a package that i just wanted to be part of.

Why oberlangenstadt castle became a "cinema star is
can you already say something about the role in which we will see you on the screen??
I play the servant oswald, who not quite voluntarily favors glenda (played by riemann, note. D. Red.) works. I don't know how much I can reveal already. But in any case so much that, as it will turn out later, he is not only on their side.

How do you find oberlangenstadt as a film location??
The castle is spectacular. I also really like the grounds, the park and the house. I have today (friday, 6.July, anm. D. Red.) my fourth day of shooting in oberlangenstadt and i am very happy to have another one here now.

Are you in upper franconia for the first time because of the filming??
I can't really judge that, because I don't know exactly where the borders of upper franconia run. So maybe i have been there longer than i think. But I know that this is the first time I am in coburg and the surrounding area.

Do you actually get to see anything of your surroundings during filming, or do actors usually commute between the hotel and the set anyway??
This time it's a little bit like that, but that's not always the case. I had to leave this week in between, because I had a premiere at the filmfest in munich. I was back in the hotel on wednesday evening and then back on the set the next morning, where I spent the whole day. Unfortunately, you don't have that many chances to see the city you're staying in. But once during my time here i at least managed to go to the market place in coburg. But I can't really talk about sightseeing.

The director in conversation

What attracted you to make the book into a film?
Sven unterwaldt: this is of course a material that is not offered every day; a children's film with so much magic, with lots of song, adventure and suspense. It makes every director happy to be able to realize something like this and to be able to shoot in great locations like this one.

Why did you choose oberlangenstadt castle as the filming location??
Of course, we looked at a lot of motifs beforehand and asked ourselves whether we could actually make a "cantrip towers" in germany find. A castle that has a bit of that british-scottish feel to it. But as soon as we drove onto the driveway, it was clear to us that this would be our castle and that we had to take it. I never thought it was possible that there would be something like that here in france.

Michael bully herbig says: "thank you nordhalben!"
The children's book series has many fans not only in germany, but all over europe. Will the film stay true to the book or will there be some deviations??
In a film, you always have to break away a little bit from the books. We naturally try to keep a lot of the motifs from the book, and a lot has gone into the story. But of course we make our own film. You always have to change a little bit when you only tell 90 or 95 minutes. Then a story is automatically told a little differently than in a longer novel. We have already tried to stay true to the base, but then invented our own story about it.

They have four young leading actresses at the same time. What is it like to work with so many children??
It is always a great pleasure to work with children. They ask great, very different questions and act very much from the gut. As an adult you have often forgotten that."

This is what the movie is about

Content: with their ninth birthday the four sisters flame, flora and marina and sky get magical abilities. However, they get into arguments about whether they should tell others about it. But the sisters actually had to get together – because not far away from them, the dark sorceress glenda is on her way to "cantrip towers", the home of the four. She traced the reawakened power of a wind rose found by the sisters, with which she is linked by a dark secret. She tries to drive a wedge between the magical sisters with all kinds of perfidious tricks.

Cast: the main roles in the family comedy are played by katja riemann (glenda), anna thalbach (mrs. Duggery), justus von dohnanyi (oswald), gregor bloeb (father), doris schretzmayer (mother), laila padotzke (flame), leonore von berg (sky), lilith julie johna (flora) and hedda erlebach (marina).

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