Iaea team leaves iran empty-handed

Iaea team leaves iran empty-handed

Chief inspector herman nackaerts, as head of the team, told journalists at the return at vienna airport. He would not comment on the question of whether the mission had failed. In tehran, ayatollah ali chamenei stressed that nothing and no one could stop his country’s nuclear program.

"Nothing, and no hurdle, can stop iran’s nuclear work and it should be pursued decisively and seriously, despite the west’s vortex," said chamenei, spiritual leader of iran, in a meeting with representatives of the iranian nuclear authority on wednesday. At the same time, he stressed that iran was not interested in nuclear weapons. A nuclear weapons program is "against our faith … We consider nuclear weapons a gross sin," the iranian spiritual leader added. The international community knows this, khamenei said.

It was the second trip by nuclear watchdog representatives in a few weeks without any result. For the time being, no further roadmap for future language is available. "At this time there is no agreement on further discussions," IAEA spokeswoman gill tudor told the news agency dpa. Nackaerts also stated that no agreement had been reached on future avenues of resolution.

This had been one of the central concerns of the IAEA experts. Second key point was the demand to be allowed to visit the parchin military site, where nuclear warhead tests may have been simulated. The russian auben ministry in moscow said that the IAEA had already inspected this country in the past. In addition, according to the IAEA, the team made another attempt to explore the military dimension of iran’s nuclear program.

The IAEA team pursued these three approaches "in a constructive spirit" during the two-day visit, nackaerts noted. Unsuccessful: "we have not been able to gain access, and we have not been able to determine the next course of action."

First, the team will report to IAEA director yukiya amano. Early march, the nuclear agency’s board of governors is scheduled to consider the issue at its routine meeting. "Then we will see what the next steps are," nackaerts said.

Amano had already written in a message during the night that he was disappointed with the way the talks were going. New IAEA chief’s report on iran expected later this week.

After the IAEA team’s failure, federal minister guido westerwelle spoke out in favor of even more pressure against tehran. He appealed to other states on wednesday to comply with the sanctions already adopted by the european union (eu) against iran. At the same time, he called on the leadership in tehran to abandon its "irresponsible course" of non-cooperation. "It is very regrettable and unfortunate that the IAEA inspectors had to leave empty-handed and without any results," westerwelle said in berlin.

Many countries suspect iran is running secret nuclear weapons program. The UN, the USA and the EU have imposed sanctions on the islamic country. Tehran insists that its nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes and rejects calls for an immediate halt to uranium enrichment.

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