Is the commercial area near melkendorf off the table?

Is the commercial area near melkendorf off the table?

The plans for the commercial area near melkendorf have disappeared into a drawer? It was four years ago that the project was heavily criticized at a town hall meeting, and the city of kulmbach subsequently reduced the area under consideration to 1,300,000 square meters. Since then, it has been quiet about a project that mayor henry schramm (CSU) had described at the time as indispensable for the development of kulmbach.

This was the timetable

At the time, the municipality had the intention of offering companies willing to settle here buildable areas after the completion of the melkendorf bypass. Traffic has been flowing there since the end of last year – but nothing has been done in terms of development or business settlement.

What is the current status??

What is the current status of the plans? The land owners, with whom the city had to negotiate, obviously do not know that. They are waiting for the things to come? Or maybe there is nothing more to come?

In any case, the city no longer seems to be pursuing the development of the commercial area with vigor. "The commercial area remains an option", says press spokesman simon ries on inquiry. According to ries, other priorities are currently being set. The city wants to limit the use of land and is looking for vacant lots or unused lots and buildings in the city center to create space not only for residential buildings but also for commercial developments.

The view goes to the city center

Simon ries refers to the "survey of inner city development potential" demand program of the free state in which kulmbach has been included. Its goal is to systematically identify "inner-city vacant lots, brownfields, underutilized building sites and vacancies". The proposal states that in view of the planned university campus, the municipality considers an increased need for building land and housing to be necessary, and that all possibilities should be exploited to "activate" the potential of inner-city development.

Restricting land consumption

The goal is therefore to leverage existing infrastructure, limit the use of vacant land, and protect previously unused land in the area. A development focused on the city center is the goal, the open landscape should be spared as much as possible. According to simon ries, the analysis carried out by the baader konzept office from gunzenhausen for the gross bid amount of 58876 euros is not only intended for residential construction, but also for commercial use.

Is the commercial area near melkendorf now off the table?? "The plans have not been abandoned in principle", explains the press spokesman of the city of kulmbach, where it is known that the development in melkendorf will be difficult and expensive due to the topographical situation. 9.3 million euros had already been earmarked for this in the 2017 budget.

"I haven’t heard anything for a long time"

If the project were to fall through altogether, it would be in the interests of the numerous opponents who had protested vehemently against the commercial area in 2015. "If the city now refrains from the plans, we had of course nothing against it", says arnold mohr, for example, who was one of the critics along with his wife. Mohr didn’t know the current status of the plans either: "I haven’t heard anything about the commercial area for a long time."

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