Mara is looking forward to her first day at school

Mara is looking forward to her first day at school

Mara proudly fetches her blue book bag from her room. Puts it on the floor, opens the lid and takes out one colored booklet after the other. Last is the portfolio – matching the book bag in the same bright blue with horses on it. "Mara has already picked out the book bag in the catalog. In the store, another one with einhorner was shortlisted", tells her mama steffi ruger. But in the end it became the favorite with the horses.

Six-year-old mara knows exactly what she wants. And she already knows days before her first day at school what she will like best in class. "Calculating, break and sport", she says as if shot from a pistol. Mara has already become a little familiar with the new surroundings. With the kindergarten we already went for a few hours to the lucas cranach elementary school. "There are stretching bars in the playground, that's what i liked best," she says with a grin in her face, the abc-protector is happy. She was also able to get a taste of teaching on this day. Everything is still quite unfamiliar for the six-year-old.

No fear of going to school

Nevertheless she is already looking forward to it. Mara is also not at all afraid of the way to school, which she will be going to fub. "It's just like my way to gymnastics, I only have to turn off once before", she says with a grin on her face. Nevertheless, her parents have walked the route with her many times beforehand. In the last few weeks, a list has been hanging on the entrance door of the elementary school showing which class the new students will be in – and, more importantly, which teacher they will be getting. "I'm coming to 1b. And my teacher is also new to the school. So that fits", says mara.

But what she's most excited about is that she's going to be in the same class as her kindergarten friend felix, who used to be in her group. "I sit next to him too."

Mara joins a bilingual class. Music, art and sports are taught in english. "Bilingual often sounds a bit out of touch. Actually, it's all about the children learning english through play", says her dad ralf ruger, who is a teacher himself.

Enjoying the free time completely

Mara is really looking forward to finally learning english. "Then I can finally sing along with phantom of the opera." The six-year-old is a huge musical fan. During the vacations she went to see tarzan with her parents. "They flew over our heads. That was really great", mara tells us with a sparkle in her eyes.
And she didn't get bored during the vacations either. On the contrary: bike tour, vacation in wangerooge, game nights and time with her girlfriends. "We really enjoyed the free time once again", says steffi ruger.

The start of school will be a big change now. "We have already brought bedtimes back to a normal mab in the last few days. It was a long vacation", says steffi ruger. Getting up early could be difficult for her daughter, who is an avid slow sleeper. "But it's time for a new chapter to start now", says her mom.

After church, the first-graders walk to school with their parents on the first day of school. Once they have been assigned to their classes and met their teacher, they have their first lesson at school. "You can already tell that the transition is moving her. The anticipation was joined by more and more excitement over the last few days", explains her mother.

I wonder what's in the school mare?

After school we go to kindergarten again. "That's where the first-class people show off their school mares. That's how it's done there," says her father, explains steffi ruger. Mara is probably most excited about the school mare, because she hasn't seen it before. To be on the safe side, a few days before the start of school, she submits a wish list of what she wants to have in it. She will see if she has been taken into consideration when she starts school.

But she will definitely get her dream lunch, a cucumber soup – that has been certain for a long time.
On her first sandwich she liked butter and yellow sausage – plus tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers.
Nothing can go wrong when she starts school.

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