Market residents let it rip

Market residents let it rip

Without having played, celebrating the promotion, that's what the fubball players of TSV markzeuln did on sunday evening. Players, coaches and officials attended the FC coburg relegation match against saas bayreuth in several small buses and cheered on the coburg team with blare and trumpet. After the 5:1 victory of the FCC, not only the coburg team celebrated its promotion to the landesliga, but also the marktzeuln team celebrated its promotion to the bezirksliga oberfranken west. The few players from SV wurgau and TSV meeder were also pleased that the district league runners-up coburg had left the league, because this means that the two district league teams will remain in this division next year and will not have to play any more relegation matches against marktzeuln this week.

Partying the night away

"When i arrived at the tsv gymnasium on monday morning around half past eight to clean up, there were still a few people there celebrating," says rauch, reported the head of department from marktzeulen dieter rauch. The party with which the season ended for the zeuln team was a lively one. This is the third time after 2007 and 2016 that TSV has been promoted to the district league as district league runner-up via the relegation process. On friday a week ago, the zeulner had defeated the spvgg lettenreuth 4:1 in front of 1300 spectators in burgkunstadt and sealed their relegation.
"When I think of that game, I still get goose bumps", says dieter rauch about the season climax.

Change of coach after six matchdays

No one in marktzeuln thought about promotion after six days of play. After two wins and four losses, the club parted ways with coach oliver kellner. With michael backert, marktzeuln embarked on a series of eleven victories. Only one more game lost this season.
TSV lost to the future champions ASV kleintettau, of all teams, at the start of the season after the winter break. "We were leading 2:0 at the break and still gave the game away with 2:3", rauch remembers the terrible bankruptcy. In the remaining eleven games, however, there were seven victories and four draws, which was ultimately enough for second place. Then followed the high point with the victory over lettenreuth.

Strong defense

The key for the success has seen the head of department in the good defense. Only 27 goals conceded by the TSV defense around center backs johannes rauch, tobias schutz, who was absent for a long time due to injury at the beginning of the season, and christian schupferling. Together with goalkeeper bernd grebner, they formed a bulwark that should also hold its own in the district league.
In the attack, the zeulner with the arrow-fast aubensturmer fabian gohl (13 goals), lukas heppner (11), daniel jahn and dominik weigl (10 each) were very variable and difficult to calculate. After kleintettau (112 goals), the tsv team (85) had the second-strongest forward line.
Nevertheless, the players from marktzeulen had some serious personnel problems: andreas franke (achilles tendonitis), who was injured for a long time, dominik endres-backert (cruciate ligament) in the important six-man position, and defender florian rauch (pubic bone inflammation). "I didn't think that we would compensate so well for these losses", admits dieter rauch. For the coming season, the head of the department sees the squad well rustet. The departure of lukas heppner, who goes back to FC kirchlein, will be compensated with returnee andre bergmann (from FC burgkunstadt) and nico hahner (FC baiersdorf).

Four talents from the youth

In addition, four good players from the A-juniors of the JFG rodach-main will be used by the men: goalkeeper andre michel, jonas kestel, philipp hartmann and benjamin broske. "All the best boys", says smoke. Maybe one more player will be added, but 99 percent of the squad is ready. The team is well positioned across the board. "That's why I'm very confident that we won't be relegated again after one season", so smoke. "We have learned from the two relegations. However, the teams from the bamberg area are already very strong", female the TSV department head.
Even if there will certainly not be as many victories to celebrate in the coming season as in the past, the "great camaraderie and atmosphere" should continue not suffering. With an average of 173 spectators per home game, the zeulner were in first place in the kronach district league. In the district league, a similar number of fans are expected to make the pilgrimage to the sports field on the redach for the games. Then, after the 2018/19 season, the TSV gymnasium may be able to celebrate the preservation of its class.

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