Markus soder criticizes the “character dent” of district administrator meibner in mistelfeld

Markus soder criticizes the

He did not even stop in front of his own party friends. Some 1,500 visitors had gathered expectantly in the leuchsentaler blasmusik tent on monday to hear him – and they were not disappointed.
Soder got the first laughs when he commented on the funeral of county councilor christian meibner: "the words of praise were appropriate." But that's not all. "Your landrat has a weak character, his unspeakable passion for the FC bayern munchen", stated the FCN fan. He then quickly improved: "it's probably just a dip in character." He has now been a successful district administrator for 20 years, soder praised, and the three-year-old couldn't help remarking: "with you, it shows."
He was not exactly modest when he described the situation in europe from his point of view. "We have never had it so good as today. Europe is stable because it has germany, germany is stable because it has bavaria, and bavaria is stable because it has franconia." The speaker of the CSU did not put his own person under a bushel either: "we have the best minister-president, the best state government and the best (pause) finance minister." This is what the CSU congregation wanted to hear, first bravos filled the marquee.

A night with baumgartner

He is often asked why he appears on political talk shows, for example on maischberger. Soder made no secret of the fact that "there must also be people who say something sensible"." The "black voters" liked it too from roth in her new t-shirts. He described his party colleague jurgen baumgartner as a person who is shy on the inside, but who can assert himself in munich. "I spent a whole night with him", but not what they think" to the deluded listeners, he added. It was all about the asylum seeker issue. He distinguished between friends and party friends, often the two are not identical. But there are also members of parliament who say in their constituency: "I want to show them in munich." The closer they got to the state capital, the quieter they became, and in the plenary hall, they were silent. On their return to the constituency, they then loudly declared: "but I showed them how it's done." In munich it is quite easy for a politician to be arrested. In berlin, however, many said what the journalists liked.
Chancellor candidate martin schulze also got caught in the franken's verbal crosshairs. Its plans to change the euro financial system are unrealistic. The state must not pick the pockets of the burghers. If there is enough money in the coffers, it is the state that must decide on tax cuts, not bodies outside the state. When soder claimed: "they pay taxes like never before and gladly", many were amused, others looked down. On the subject of state fiscal equalization, against which the geberland states of bavaria and hesse are suing, soder remarked: "we pay six billion euros a year and no recipient state has said thank you yet." In the matter of tax relief, where the CSU wants to abolish the soli for all, the finance minister recalled the sect tax. They have emperor wilhelm II. Introduced to finance the imperial war fleet. "The fleet and the empire have perished, but the sect tax has remained."
Bavaria plays an outstanding role in taking in refugees, because no one has ever swum across the north sea. Berlin has failed, criticized soder. "It is known that they cannot build an airport in berlin, but it is unknown that they are failing in humanitarian terms", he said and raised the mabkrug at 8 pm on the dot to a "cheers". Refugees should learn german in the first line. "If they can verbally speak bavarian, they are good and especially intelligent if they understand french", the minister of home affairs was convinced.
Anton hofreiter, chairman of the green parliamentary group in the federal parliament, along with katrin goring-eckardt, wanted soder to be ambassador to washington. His assessment: "he is the only one who can get along with trump." The listeners from the SPD in the tent were actually quite nice people, soder confessed. With the free voters he wanted to have determined that they send many mails to berlin, which however nobody opens. At the end he gave a "good" one advice on the election on 24. September. If someone asks before: "do you vote CSU??" That was all right. To those who will not vote CSU, one must say: "the election will take place next week"."
Statements were made by CSU parliamentary candidate emmi zeulner and district council candidate christian meibner. All three lichtenfels mayors took part in the election event, which was framed by the leuchsentaler brass band.

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