No weather is too bad for the children

No weather is too bad for the children

She is a kind of "school pilot, because in this respect there is a problem in reichenbach. Young people are not available for this. "But it's not because the older students don't want to, they can't because of time constraints", she reports. "The older students take the bus to "munnerstadt" much earlier than the elementary school students.
She began her service eight years ago when, as a member of the parents' council of the burglauer elementary school, she took on the problem personally at the request of principal jurgen rohlinger. "Then I wanted to leave the service again, when I had nothing more to do with the elementary school", tragner continues "but there was no one from the circle of parents who wanted to take on this task regularly." And so she still stands at the crossroads to ensure the safety of the schoolchildren as far as she can.

Never an accident

"This is also a valuable aspect for us", jurgen wolf, junior manager of the munnerstadt bus company of the same name, praises the commitment of the "unsecured" bus driver bus stops female, where shoving matches between schoolchildren take place, which turn into scenes that are not without danger. The operation preserves. Since karin tragner has been in charge at the bus stop, there has never been an accident.

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