Referee group celebrates 50. Anniversary

Referee group celebrates 50. Anniversary

The steigerwald referee group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The group was founded on 16. January 1967 in the inn seubert in steppach. First "chairman was richard mahr (prolsdorf). Together with the first treasurer manfred brodmerkel (steppach) and the first instructor of the group, erwin storath (prolsdorf), the new group started its referee activities in the district of steigerwald and in the district of upper franconia. Since that time, 900 arbitrators have been active in the steigerwald group at the district, county and association levels.
In the past 50 years, referees from the steigerwald group have refereed association, friendly and private matches as well as indoor tournaments, from the regional league to the D-youth level.

Man of the first hour

As a "man of the first hour georg ansorge was presented with the gold medal of the BFV for 50 years of refereeing. Ansorge is still a passive member of the schiedsrichtergruppe steigerwald today.
40 years in the group steigerwald and honored with the silver medal by the association and both still active referees are willi schafer and karl gumbrecht.
The changes in the game of soccer over the past decades have not left the referee institution unscathed. Today's requirements differ considerably from those of 50 years ago: faster, trickier, higher competitive pressure – combined with considerably more games per year with fewer and fewer active referees. Thus, 69 active referees of the steigerwald group have led in 2016 more than 2100 football games as a referee and assistant in the district steigerwald / district of upper franconia and at the association level. Weekend after weekend, these 69 referees from the steigerwald group are on the pitch, out of "love for soccer", to carry out this honorary office. Also in 2017 the referee group steigerwald will be active again with much enthusiasm in the 51. Year of the existence of the group start.
Refereeing is a fascinating hobby, maybe someone would like to join the steigerwaldgroup and become an active referee. Interested parties can simply contact us, regardless of whether they are a youth or a football player who has just finished his active career. "We are looking forward to any new sports comrade who would like to experience fubball in the middle and not only on the sidelines", according to the invitation.
Uwe storch, matthias rauh

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