Sewage fee calculation challenged

Too few wastewater fees had been charged in previous years. This has accumulated a shortfall of almost 600,000 euros. "This shortfall must be made up in the next four years. After that, you could go back down again with the fees, said simon kohl from the schulte – roder office.

When does the burger have to pay?

The reason for his presence at the city council meeting was the sewage fees, which had already been on the council’s table in august. But when the committee had the sharp increase in fees from 1.33 to 3.68 euros, the modalities were in doubt. The item was postponed.

"Since we want to be correct, we have sought professional advice", declared mayor hans-jurgen nekolla (SPD). And that was a good thing, because even the calculated contribution of 3.68 euros per cubic meter of wastewater could be wrong if it turned out that 2011 was in fact the last calculation adopted. This will now be clarified.

In principle, a municipality that undercounts produces a loss. This also applies if no calculation is available, because in this case one accepts a loss. However, the fee payer should not be burdened with this loss, which is why the loss falls into the general budget, simon kohl explained. The city of grafenberg had higher costs than it had revenues and had under-calculated, which accounts for the higher fee rates for 2019 to 2023. This is a shortfall in the amount of 600 000 euros. To reduce this huge shortfall, from 2019 to 2023 the cost-covering fee rate was 3.68 euros per cubic meter. The year 2019 was excluded, because this year has not been calculated and must not be a burden on the fee payer.

Moves loss to the budget?

At this point, the rates noticed that the last calculation adopted was in 2011. If this is true, the bases are different, because then this loss also fell to the budget and may not burden the fee payer.

"We cannot decide on this now until we have looked at it", said jurgen theiler (GBL), who was already unenthusiastic about having to explain the enormous increase in sewage fees to the burghers. In the case of a non-existent calculation, the fees were lower, because the loss was "outsourced" to the general budget will.

"If the calculation is actually missing and the deficit falls to the general budget, it would be a case for the insurance fund", opined werner wolf (). Kammerer steinlein now examines this.

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