Trump tweets about bidens election victory

Trump tweets about bidens election victory

A massive corona wave is building in the U.S., meanwhile, still-incumbent president donald trump is diving deeper into conspiracy theories about his election defeat.

Over the weekend, trump tweeted, among other things, about rumors that software used in vote counting was susceptible to hacker attacks and that votes cast for him had been slammed by challenger joe biden. Authorities reject this. Election winner biden continues to prepare for taking office. This includes above all the fight against the pandemic. The date for the change of power is 20. January.

On sunday it looked at times as if trump had involuntarily conceded defeat by a slip of the tongue. "He won because the election was rigged," he wrote on twitter in response to a TV host’s tweet. A little later, he made it clear that not too much should be read into this sentence. "He won only in the eyes of the fake-news media. I admit nothing!" Trump wrote. "We will win!"

After all, twelve days after the election, it was the first time trump used the words "he won" in reference to biden. A few hours earlier, he had put his longtime lawyer and confidant rudy giuliani in charge of the various lawsuits against the election results.

Trump denies bidens camp access to government infrastructure. His lawyers have filed lawsuits in several states, but so far have been unable to present any convincing evidence of electoral fraud. On friday alone, various lawsuits failed in pennsylvania, michigan and arizona.

The republican president repeatedly claimed during the election campaign that the united states would soon be out of the woods in the corona crisis. In fact, however, the situation is worsening. Friday saw a high of 177,224 new infections within 24 hours, according to data from johns hopkins university (JHU). On saturday, 166,555 new infections were registered – the first decline in several days. Meanwhile, republican governors are increasingly adopting stricter measures such as mask requirements – most recently in north dakota and west virginia.

Trump played golf at his club near washington on saturday. On his way there, he briefly waved from a car to supporters who had gathered in the center of the capital for a rally in support of him. Trump’s spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany spoke on twitter of one million participants. Estimates from observers and media, however, ranged only to a little over 10,000. Trump himself proclaimed that it was hundreds of thousands. His administration had already begun its term by overstating the number of participants in the 2017 inauguration.

A week ago, when biden’s victory was announced, significantly more people had been celebrating in the streets of washington. Unlike then, many trump supporters did not wear masks. Afterwards, there were sporadic brawls between supporters and opponents of the president. One person was injured by knife wounds, fox tv reported. Two police officers were also injured. There have been 20 arrests.

The far-right U.S. Organization proud boys will not resort to violence in its campaign for trump as U.S. President, according to the words of its leader enrique tarrio. "We will remain peaceful, definitely," tarrio told the "tagesspiegel" (monday) on the sidelines of the demonstration. If biden’s success was confirmed, the proud boys would "have a beer and go out, protest," and definitely "peacefully but forcefully". Trump had urged proud boys to "stand by" during the election campaign. This was interpreted by some as an endorsement of violence.

Democrat biden has clearly won the presidential election according to US media calculations. He has at least 306 votes from the electorate, 270 are necessary for victory. In his 2016 victory, trump was also able to attract exactly 306 voters to his side and then spoke of a "landslide" victory. In the USA, the president is not elected directly, but by the electorate, which follows the election results in their states.

Trump had first publicly expressed doubt friday night that he would stay in the white house. "This government will not do a lockdown," he said at an appearance in the rose garden of the weiben haus, talking about corona vaccines. "Hopefully the – whatever happens in the future, whoever female, which government it will be, I think that will be seen. But I can assure you, this government will not do a lockdown."

A spokesman for trump’s republicans in germany, jeffrey jowett, told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" (monday) that there was "obvious voter fraud" in at least five u.S. States. "We never claimed that the entire election was rigged, but even small changes in some districts could have a significant effect on the outcome of the election," he said.

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