Two offers to buy parts of the insolvent airline germania

Two offers to buy parts of the insolvent airline germania

There are two bids for a rough part of the route network as well as the maintenance and service area, the preliminary insolvency administrator rudiger wienberg announced on tuesday.

At the beginning of february, the berlin-based airline with almost 1700 employees filed for insolvency. Germania flew to many destinations in the mediterranean region. According to its own figures, the airline carried more than four million passengers a year.

A third interested party also wants to submit an offer shortly, said a spokesman for wienberg when asked. There are concrete purchase negotiations with all of them. More information is not known. It was only mentioned that individual details of a possible takeover were being discussed.

In addition, there are a number of interested parties who want to take over maintenance and/or service work without operating the aircraft, he continued. All the candidates were almost exclusively companies from the industry.

Meanwhile, two other companies in the germania group that owed money to the airline reportedly filed for insolvency. The parent company germania beteiligungsgesellschaft mbh with seven employees and the subsidiary germania reisen gmbh with four employees are involved.

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